Age of Conan Second Coming: All Out Effort to Save this Dying MMORPG & Re-Evaluation Campaign HD Video

Game Director Craig Morrison seems committed enough to turn the game around with this flurry of activity. But can he do it? In the below high definition re-evaluation video we see Funcom almost parody their problems with dialogue: "We were so Arogant, So Headstrong". Have they learned their lesson?

There have been quite a few struggles for Funcom attempting to save the sinking ship that is the Age of Conan. Many issues resulted in canceled subscriptions and a downward spiral for Funcom. It is no secret that the Age of Conan MMORPG is dying. They are trying desperately to save the struggling AoC MMORPG by continuing to offer free trials and even two free weeks of gameplay to previous AoC subscribers calling it the re-evaluation campaign.

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Blasphemy3414d ago

They need to take a que from Blizzard and don't release games until they are ready. I think it's too late for this game now. I doubt any of the disappointed gamers who quit will come back to this game.

gamesR4fun3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

But this wont do it I agree. Even then f2p is a tricky buis get to greedy n you wont cut it not enough n the games not makin money.

free2game3653413d ago

Age of Conan isn't dying, dying would imply it's losing subscribers which it isn't atm.

onlinemmo3413d ago

oh it has lost a lot of subscribers. It just also expanded worldwide to offset some of the North American loses.

Avery3413d ago

Overly Dramatic false headline again from this website in attempt to gain more hits. Please report the truth. Log in and see the population yourselves. Anything but dying.

onlinemmo3413d ago

Whatever. AoC fanboy can't see the facts right in front of your face. Did you read the post? AoC is trying everything to revive this game. It just might work.

Avery3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

You just have to look around to see what people are saying it is not dying. It is not an "all out effort" either. Ther veteran winback has been in the works for the past 6 months. Was always timed for around now. The facts are in the quartley presentations. Other facts are all the other overly dramatic headlines for the game you have posted before too. There is nothing wrong in trying to get more people to play the game. How often do you get a LOTRO winback mail? me, every month pretty much. This is first time the game has done a winback set up. Take a look at the census on (yellow gremlin) see how many profiles there are for the game. Why has the last couple of quartley reports stated that subscriber retention is better?

The facts come from playing the game, and even with a free trial on offer it is obvious the article reporters for this website are going off other perceived experiences and not their own in game experience.

Retention has evened off. Does that equate to "Sinking Ship" No it doesn't. Btw this was reported 6 months ago. Remember those other articles this website posted? here is one about the subs being under 100k! from a guy with no attachment to this website who based that just off of Xfire stats! Too funny.

Your article is wrong as free trials are disabled during vet winback offer.

Just do yourself a favor and log in and do some accurate reporting..
Those very same resources you used over the past have now turned the other way.