Koku Gamer: Doom Resurrection iPhone Video Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Doom takes a turn for the worst. Doom was always a series that continued to evolve, impress, and inspire over the years, providing gamers with top of the line graphics as they immerse themselves in a world of tension while attempting to escape the clutches of hell. id Software has moved onto the iPhone, attempting to leave their mark on the world of handheld gaming. Unfortunately, Doom Resurrection is the outlier in the series and the question on most people's minds is whether this game warrants a $9.99 price tag."


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DeadlyDevil3419d ago

another nice review~ booo iphone though! :P

Ziriux3419d ago

Is it just me or does it look awkward to play the game on the iPhone like that.

Skivvo3419d ago

I agree, BOOOOOOOOO to iPhone!!! I would love for iD to make a great Doom game again, unfortunately I invested money in it's previous incarnations on the PC & was left gutted from the experience... Needless to say it doesnt look or sound like the iPhone version is going to revive it anytime soon!

Reibooi3419d ago

I've always been a doom fan but I still don't think the iPhone is a viable gaming device and would never play games on it.

Jorrel563419d ago

- Awesome game - haha. Don't forget to read the full review as well. Internet sarcasm is much funnier when "-" is used.

ChrisGTR13419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

damn, what up with the haters up top. the iphone is awesome, you can buy a 3g in nearly new conditions online or on craigslist for about 300$ thats where i got mine and i have it with t mobile with no contract and no forced data plan. the gaming on it has impressed me i didnt expect much from it the graphics are about ps1'ish.

i downloaded this game and havent touched it since but from what i played i thought the graphics were impressive but its on rails so i dont care much about it.

Reibooi3419d ago

All the hate on the iPhone has nothing to do with graphics it has to do with control. Every game is either controlled by tilting touch or with buttons on screen that you need to press adn what that boils down to us crap controls. I want feedback I wanna feel like im pressing a button not pressing a screen and you don't get that with the Iphone.

Jorrel563419d ago

I agree Reibooi. However, it is the controls that make the iPhone unique and something developers need to take advantage of thus creating a nice niche. Feedback from shooters is definitely important, I agree. But with on-rail shooters such as Doom Resurrection there is really no other way to do it on the iPhone which makes us question whether games like this can retain the fun factor they have on other devices. It works with what it has available to it and fails everywhere else. But the iPhone certainly sets itself apart from all other gaming devices and I think it has its advantages and disadvantages.

ChrisGTR13419d ago

thats whats diffrent about it, is that its NOT a gaming console, people keep making 'console games' for it and failing. games for iphone are meant to be simple games that you can play for 5-10 mins at a time while waiting somewhere not games where you sit there for hours playing. the iphone isnt a portable gaming console(despite it having more games than psp LOL)regardless, dont compare it to a psp or ds because it wasnt bought to play games.

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