Spawn Kill Review: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"The Civil War has always been one of the least-explored eras throughout history, with most of our focus being on World War II and the droves of faceless Nazis we've driven into oblivion. Failing that, prequels are often left to rot in the gaming world, and end up as bargain bin fodder soon after their release (Contract J.A.C.K., anyone?), but this Civil War shooter stands steady on its own two feet. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood provides some tight and entertaining Civil War shootouts, though if you ask me, it could have been a bit longer."

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futur3man3448d ago

I put on my duster and cowboy hat and cast sixshooter missle.

I'll have to check this one out soon as I can spot it on the cheap.

Snarkasaur3448d ago much as I want to play this, short duration games make me iffy on spending the bucks. o_o

And I haven't even finished the first season of Deadwood, so it wouldn't feel right yet, you know?

tigresa3448d ago

Everyone took a dump on the previous installment, but this one is getting nothing but praise! I want to try the multiplayer now... Nothing seems to ween me off COD4 still. Still.

K-Tuck3447d ago

All praise aside, it still doesn't seem like my kind of game. I also don't like shooter games where they throw you on a vehicle at some point.