From the Battlefield to the Screen: Virtualising Weaponry

Gamer Limit writes: "Nothing has provided more gamers with a intrepid sense of war and bloody carnage then the First Person Shooter. Generations of gamers can, scarily enough, name and identify weapons by model, modification and in some cases, manufacturer. M-16? Assault Rifle of choice for the US Army. AK-47? Infidel remover for terrorists and freedom fighters the world over.

With the epic evolution of realism that has merged into mainstream gaming, weapons are now more then a mush of pixels in the bottom middle of the screen. Everything from Iron Sights to Silencers are now recreated in minute detail. They jam too, as well as misfire, slam your avatar's shoulder with immense recoil and ricochet shrapnel across the room you've decided to unload a personal arsenal in."

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tdogchristy903442d ago

So I must say, I loved the article and I thank you all for the sacrific you give. I myself come from a military family and am actually going to school to be a military historian and may some day join the military. I will say that I love what media has been able to do, between things like AA and Band of Brothers, it brings war and history to more people. People that normally wouldn't appreciate or like history can see it in a different way and learn more of the sacrific that is given. After all if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

Fullish3442d ago

Hmm, I disagree.
War video games reduce the seriousness of war, the lack of any serious penalty for death makes it very light hearted.

StartWars3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

A very insightful article, but I agree with Fullish. At least in games you have the ability to respawn.

syvergy3442d ago

Wow, great article, really loved the detail!

Ziriux3442d ago

The level of detail over time has been amazing.

Austin_SJ3442d ago

interesting, but high tech lasers are what people want

Ziriux3442d ago

I'll take a high tech laser attached to my M16. :)

Timesplitter143442d ago

What if I want a giant war hammer with "Imperium of Satanis" written on it with letters of gold?

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