PlayStation 2 Games Coming To The PS Store?

Mike Hartnett at writes: "For quite some time, the thought of PlayStation 2 titles making their way onto the PSN seemed like something that would more than likely not happen, however, with the release of one game in particular on the PS Store, this may prove to be a possibility."

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Cwalat3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

If this is true, then i'm heeeaaaappiii!!!

@Kushan, down below...
You just pointed out something that i wondered, is it possible to port PS2 games on the PS-store ?

Then why aren't they doing that instead of trying to update the PS3 with emulators?

Does it cost more?

Is it because of the different coding systems?

Is it possible to port all PS2 games?

iamtehpwn3442d ago

to port the games over.

Epic games like God of War or Final Fantasy X would be a pain in the ass to recode.

Through emulation they're easier.
But depending on how the emulator is coded, we may see enhanced editions of our favorite Ps2 games, such an "HD edition".

SnuggleBandit3442d ago

ico!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't feel like paying 70 bucks for a decent copy on ebay. This would be nice for sure.

DaTruth3442d ago

Hope this is true; Finally could get my hands on Sotc! I had no idea that game was Ico 2 and so, it never entered my radar! Actually, I never really had a radar before N4G, I ended up with lots of crap games and missed a lot of gems!

SolidAhmed3442d ago

even though, i am a 60GB owner i would love to download some of the ps2 titles in my console. just imagine you been able to have the best ps2 titles in your beloved ps3.

GOW series
Metal Gear series
GT series
GTA series
FF series
RE series
DMC series
and the list goes on

come on sony fans will die for that kind of improvement

my self i would buy a 250 GB or maybe more just to have enough space for me to build my own down loadable classics.

Maddens Raiders3442d ago

what number one said from every rooftop in the land............

sniper-squeak3442d ago

Phase out the PS1, and put all its games onto PSN for download onto the PSP. Then put all the classic PS2 games onto the PSN for download onto the PS3 and in the future, put all the PS3 games onto the future PSN store for download onto the PS4!

Oh and when the PSP2 comes out, put all the PS2 games onto the PSN for download onto the PSP2. :D



im going to need to upgrade my storage.

Delive3442d ago

Very possible. But, as long as the PS2 is selling, They will hold off on bringing this functionality....... My take on it, but nothing solid.

vhero3442d ago

I been saying this for months when buzz! jungle party came out on the network. I mean its a shortened version but its still an exact rip of the game including graphics and menus etc.. It's definetly not a made for PS3 game it's a rip of PS2 version. It proves they are possible and Sony are holding off probably until they perfected an emulator.

mfwahwah3441d ago

Watch. SONY will drop the price of the PS3, release an update that has a PS2 emulator, and put a few PS2 games on PSN.

After that all of the PS2 owners out there waiting for a PS3 price drop will SWARM the shelves :)

That's my dream, and a reason for why SONY would want to do that.

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MetalGearBear 3442d ago

can't wait on PS3, not RRODBOX

Rifle-Man3442d ago

Fúckin' eh – bring 'em on, bítches!

Kushan3442d ago

They're basing this on the fact that a Buzz game is on the store. I've not downloaded it myself, so I can't comment, but has it just been ported or is it being emulated? Easy way to tell, go save a game and see if it tells you not to turn off your PS2 or PS3 console.

NJShadow3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I'm not sure what creating a game save would have to do with the system asking you to turn it on or off. Unless you're referring to the fact that PSOne and PS2 games lack the in-game XMB feature, thus giving you the ability to turn off the system from that menu?

lokiroo4203442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Anyone have the game to try? Shadow I think you have missed a little of the speculation on emulation.


sadly that is most likely the case, but with that patent being filed it does make you wonder.

NJShadow3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It's undoubtedly a port, but more importantly a first party port. The speculation wasn't necessarily regarding emulation, but the fact that PS2 games can be released on the PS Store with the possibility with more in the future despite the current lack of B/C and the possible return thereof.

PirateThom3442d ago

Those Buzz games have been on the EU store for some time. Best I can tell, they're cut down versions of the PS2 versionsof those games, essentially upscaled.

Remastered for PS3, but definitely not PS2 games running in emulation or otherwise.

Kushan3442d ago

NJShadow - Easy, if you look at ANY PS2 game, when you go to save it, a specific message appears, something like "Saving game, please do not turn off your PlayStation 2 System or remove the Memory Card (PS2)". So on the PS3, if it still mentions PS2 stuff, the original game is just being emulated. If it mentions, anywhere, the PS3, then it's running native on the PS3 since it'd have to be recoded for it. It's essentially an easy way to tell if its being emulated or not.

mfwahwah3441d ago

If they emulated it and put it up on PSN, I'm sure they could take the 5 seconds to change the text saying "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PS2" TO "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PS3."

saf1007923441d ago

It would take some time to actually recode it so if it does say ps2 stuff then most likely it is being emulated. Unless whoever they got to recode the game missed some stuff

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ZombieAutopsy3442d ago

Id just hope they bring the better Ps2 games and not alot of mediocre ones like they did with the ps1 games (of course their are some good ones on their). I just dont wanna see all the SpongeBob Games on their before some God of War or Devil May Cry. One thing thats always bugged me though is IF they put ps2 games on psn and the game (lets say socom) has internet play will you be able to play it online, if so i think it would bring life back into alot of old online ps2 games.

NJShadow3442d ago

I would think that this would just be to supplement the Buzz! franchise on the PS3, but there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking. =)

mfwahwah3441d ago

I'm pretty sure that the BC PS3s can play PS2 games online so I'm sure it would happen.

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