"This is Living" - There's Something in the Water

Here is a new ad for the PlayStation3 that appears to join previous additions.

If anyone remembers the David Lynch ads for the PlayStation2 ("I am the wolfman anyone?" ) these new ads are no more confusing than those.

"Mad. Bad. Dangerous. Lucid. Good. That's how it is here. This is Living"

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Violater3887d ago

I need to get some of that water!

techie3887d ago

The ending gives me shivers. There's an even longer one...but i can't be bothered to post's for adults only as and stuff. The UK one comes out on the 23rd...

EZCheez3887d ago

I am at a complete loss for words after watching that. Its kind of the same feeling I get after hearing someone quote Shakespeare. I'm sure what you said was very deep and witty, but it didn't really mean crap to me.

techie3887d ago

go watch the ps2 ones...weirder by far :)

nix3887d ago

i'm gonna need that water to understand that... q:

ITR3887d ago

This made me think the PS3 is made out of acid or something.

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