WTP Review - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a movie tie-in based on the popular animated film of the same name, and is available on all types of video game console and handheld system. As is becoming popular for these movie franchise titles, it is in essence rather than plot that the game relates to the big screen version.

This is essentially a platforming style game, although it does include levels that involve some basic driving (actually riding) style gameplay. As the player progresses they can also unlock a range of 'Scrat and Sid' minigames. Both the main adventure and these mini games are played as a single player - no multiplayer options are available.

In the main game, the player controls one of the characters from the film (Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat and Buck) and guides them through a hazard-filled environment. This involves the usual running, jumping and swinging found in this type of game. Although players need to time their button presses perfectly to proceed, missed jumps are not heavily punished and players can usually climb back to have another go.

The game has somewhat of a "fake" 3D look and feel - similar to that found in the popular PlayStation 3 title Little Big Planet. This creates a sense of depth to the world and enables the player to explore the environments more thoroughly. This does add a degree of complexity to lining up jumps and attacks however, and may make things a little more challenging for younger or novice players. That said, anyone comfortable with the Lego Star Wars platform games should have no problem here.

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