The Wii hitting the brakes?

"Are we finally seeing Nintendo's juggernaut performance of recent years slowing down? Figures have been trickling in over the past few weeks which tend to suggest that while Nintendo's rivals aren't going to catch up with the installed base of the Wii or the DS any time soon, the company's week to week sales are slowing. In some territories, the Wii is even being outsold by the Xbox 360 - just about the first time that this has happened since the console launched, if we disregard supply constraints."

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dangert123440d ago

But I do not think it has anything to do with the over consoles just the lack of good games released so far this year.yes the 2nd half in my eyes has the best bunch of games to be realsed on any platform this year but were not seeing anything yet

Shnazzyone3440d ago

Nintendo needs to drop the price by the fall I think. They need to go down to around 150 if not the extremely attractive $99 price point that everyone knows is possible now. Meanwhile wii does have the biggest roster of new titles coming down the pipes. Masamura, tat vs cap, Monster hunter tri, galaxy 2, Sports resort, New SMB wii, Red steel 2, Little kings story. No reason for the hardcore to be avoiding the wii and on top of that the family titles the wii has are extremely tempting for that demo. In the end... if wii is truly losing it's beheamoth sales then nintendo has to wake the f- up and price drop asap! Not just on the consoles either but on the games... players choice anyone? There is no reason in the world why Legend of zelda: TP and Mario Galaxy is still selling for 49.99 new. How about pricing down million sellers already.