Call of Duty: World at War patch will include new maps

Further to details posted last month for Call of Duty: World at War patch v1.5, Treyarch have confirmed map pack 2 will be included.

In a brief post on the Call of Duty forums, Treyarch's community manager confirmed that the second map pack will be included with the next update.

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IrishAssa2964d ago

Wait wait, does this mean the map pack is free?

mrv3212964d ago

Anyone else get the feeling the map packs (as side from Zombies) where pointless.

DreamcastFanboy2964d ago

Why do PC get it for free like a month after it comes out for console but we still have to pay for it?

FantasyStar2964d ago

Because PC devs know better than to mess with us PC gamers.

ikaris2964d ago

Read the fine print, its PC. So.... nothing new, Microsoft console owners still get shafted and PC users get all the nice free stuff.

Bzone242964d ago

If I'm not mistaken sony console owners also got "shafted". Or did they get the map packs for free? I would say it's 'Pretty fanboyish of you to single out one console', but I don't know you or the intentions of your comments.

ikaris2964d ago

yes, ps3 owners also got shafted, i'm sorry for leaving them out.

betrayed gamer2964d ago

remember to fanboys their console of choice is never wrong.