Official Nintendo Magazine: Wii Fit Plus Preview

The success of Wii Fit has almost been as impressive as the success of the Wii itself. In the year and a half since the game was first released in Japan it's sold around 20 million copies worldwide, bringing it perilously close to overtaking some full consoles (the PlayStation 3, for example, has sold 22 million to date). What's made it so successful though? Probably the fact that, simply put, it makes fitness fun.

As enjoyable and useful as Wii Fit is though, it's understandable that by now some people will be getting slightly bored with doing the same 45 activities on a regular basis. Many probably reckon it would be nice if Wii Fit was upgraded to freshen up the experience a bit and make it more fun again. Well, this is where Wii Fit Plus comes in.

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