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Knightrid8082960d ago

These gameplays videos make me want the game to come out faster.

The_Count2960d ago

the count agrees. so many features to count!

Ah ah ah

TheReaper422960d ago

AHH spoiler! I just got spoiled! My eyes, it burns~!

starchild2960d ago

I am a big PC gamer but Uncharted 2 does look brilliant. I'm glad I have a PS3.

Axecution2960d ago

the snow doesn't look THAT good. When Drake was climbing and shimmying across that rock, there was no hand prints left in the snow.
I mean, obviously it looks better than ANY other game's snow - and is still a very early, incomplete build - but i think they should have waited till they had the snow effects as perfect as they could get them before showing footage. just saying.

SnuggleBandit2960d ago

@axecution....lets just play the game first before we judge eh? i mean we have only seen very minimal clips of gameplay that include the snow

inStereo2958d ago

with Axecution. If there are no handprints left in the snow, what's the point of the game even existing? The entire franchise, for that matter? I'm not even sure I want to live if there are no handprints in the snow. This game is really shaping up to look like a**.

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The Hunter2960d ago

hmm, i dont wanna look, i see to much and played the bèta, so i want still get surprised!

Whut2960d ago

dont look they Showed 3 new playable characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hulk_bash19872960d ago

preview videos of Uncharted Drake's Fortune before release but it didnt spoil anything about the actual game, especially the curve ball close to the end. This game is going to be EPIC, haters hate its the thing you do best.

MaximusPrime2960d ago


i wanted this new Uncharted 2 from day one.

I love the first one and i went back to it, still loving it.

Uncharted 2 will be GOTY!

themyk2960d ago

i am not watching anymore videos it's crazy. what are they going to do? release every cinimatic from the damn game. i mean come on. we know it's good. stop showing the game already. mgs4 did the same thing. more and more videos kept getting released. i want to be surprised when i play. so i wont watch anymore. i know some people like to see them early but i don't know why.

Max Power2960d ago


sorry just got a little excited, now where did I put my laundry?

ultimolu2960d ago

o_o *laundry is on head*