NFS Shift drift mode revealed (w/ screens and video)

From the official NFS website:

"After a few weeks of quiet since E3 we're pleased to reveal a new game mode for Need for Speed SHIFT: Drifting. In the last few years the sport has rocketed in popularity to point where there are large, successful tournaments around the world. When it came time to add it to SHIFT we wanted to ensure the mode was treated with the same degree of accuracy as the rest of the game so we worked closely with Team Falken driver and World Champion Vaughn Gittin JR. Initially the plan was for Vaughn to play the game a few times and give some feedback but he ended up spending more than 100 hours with the team to make sure the Drift experience was as close to real-life as possible.

The team have worked exceptionally hard to ensure the mode replicated the true driving sensation of Drifting and created the same immersive experience as the rest of the racing in SHIFT - just check out the detail inside Vaughn's Mustang if you want more detail of this. While you could already expect the physics to be as realistic as possible, particular praise should go to the car team who've managed to re-create some classic Drift cars into the game.

Designing and coding a drift mode has always been a very tricky experience particularly when trying to make it accessible for new gamers and hardcore gamers alike so the design team spent a lot of time working to make sure the mode is as hard (or as easy) as you want it to be. For new gamers an Amateur setting teaches the basic of Drifting and then slowly ups the skill level until they can complete against the best."

There is also a video at this link:

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paskowitz3418d ago

Is this going to take a year to get approved... sheesh! Its bad news if people aren't psyched about this game.

PirateThom3417d ago

I just find it really hard to get psyched for a Need for Speed game due to owning Undercover...

Blaze9293417d ago

Undercover wasnt so bad. Even I, as much as a die-hard NFS fan that I am, still enjoyed the game somewhat.

free2game3653417d ago

good going not researching anything, this isn't being made by any of the same people who did the last need for speed games, it's the same dev who did some of the best racing sims in recent memory

aaron58293417d ago

Well, i think most of realised that...

But the name "Need For Speed" can be a turnoff..

If EA simply named it "SHIFT" (minus the NFS) .... my guess is, it would have gotten more attention to it.

But hey... casuals will buy it day 1, as long as it has the "Need for Speed" brand...

I will be giving this game a chance when it comes out... IF, it's really a sim racing as they promised.

ajeben8093417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

im not psyched about this game especially after EAs last effort

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jack_burt0n3417d ago

at first i thought the first footage was in game lol shame on gt5 for redefining expectations.

Marcelles253417d ago

seriously i thought the same thing i was like wow they have as good of visuals as gt5 and forza then i saw the guy and i was like o not real gameplay

aaron58293417d ago

Shift is the BEST looking NFS game.



shift is the best looking NFS game... just not the best looking Sim. It still looks very very good though. I think this my take that PGR spot as far as racers go.

Blur looks like just that.. One big Blur ( mess ).

anyway after dead space, i just can't write off EA anymore like i use to.

paskowitz3417d ago

lets hope this game plays as well as it looks.

ian723417d ago

It looks like NFS is getting back to good driving games. Looking good so far, hope it plays well.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33417d ago

This game was announced before Forza3, and Forza isn't the only game to ever have drifting. I did think it was cheap how in Forza 2, they took out the best track - the japanese downhill, only so they could charge people for it as DLC on XBL. Now that was cheap.

--POOR--XBOT--3417d ago

why are you poor? are you a poor xbot?

poor xbot

Boody-Bandit3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I think Shift is more comparable to GRID then Forza.

skip2mylou3417d ago

fuking fanboy Forza didnt have the first drift mode

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