OXCGN's Overlord II Review - Overlooked or Overrated?

OXCGN Writes: "For anyone who read the 'Ten 360 Games You Haven't Played' feature, you'd know I'm a fan of the first Overlord. There were three magic ingredients that made it so appealing – playing the bad guy, controlling a mass of minions and a streak of satirical black humour that gave it the feeling of being a guilty pleasure.

Despite good reviews, it failed to make an impact in sales as many saw the cover and screenshots that mistakenly gave it the appearance of an Oblivion rip-off (which you must remember was the 'it' game at the time). Luckily for us Codemasters had faith in the franchise and gave Triumph the go ahead for a sequel, and over 2 years later it's finally arrived...."

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Godem3420d ago

If more shops in my area would actually have Overlord 1 in stock, I would buy it, and see what I missed out on... but until then I'll have to guess Overlord 2 a miss.

allegionary3419d ago

I've always wanted minions of my own! Great review.

REALgamer3419d ago

Controlling minions is awesome, much more fun than getting your own hands dirty!

gaminoz3419d ago

I've really got to try one of these one day!

TheColbertinator3419d ago

I tried the demo.Hated it.Good fortune to those who enjoy it