It's A Whole New Vista For Video Game Makers

By Matt Slagle, Associated Press

DALLAS - From the movie-like graphics in the action game Gears of War to the nearly photorealistic racer MotorStorm, video games have come a long way since the bouncing blocks of Pong.

A new breed of visually striking games promises to light up computer screens with even sharper, more lifelike graphics than ever before. But unlike the popular Gears of War or MotorStorm, the games won't be debuting on Sony's PlayStation 3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles.

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Violater4257d ago

More SH*t shoved down our throats by MS.
Good times good times.
Just when xp has become "stable" am I the only person that believes that dx10 could have been implemented on Xp?

Rooted_Dust4257d ago

Thats the nature of the beast I suppose. You can't expect MS to upgrade and patch XP forever for free, can you? XP is how old now, 5-6 years? Like you said XP is stable so there's no one holding a gun to your head telling you to upgrade. Just stick with XP until Vista comes along with something you can't say no to. It's a little easier for me since I got my copy of Vista for free, but there isn't a really good reason to upgrade yet so just hold out for a while, and maybe it will be worthwhile down the road.

achira4256d ago

lol, vista is not suited for games, xp is far faster and more stable. ms should stop lieing.

Maddens Raiders4256d ago

write up in USA Today. It just goes to show that too much money can be a very bad thing.

hamburgerhill4256d ago

Well how does anyone know exactly what the potential is of 360 or the PS3 this early in there lifecycle! Yes Crysis looks good but will be surpassed by something on console this generation! 360 has DX10 features and when games are made with this in mind like Warhound you will hardly see any advantage of PC's for awhile and by that time there will be an even more powerful console out there!

THAMMER14256d ago

It s nice to smell the hate. Just clears the sinuses so well. Keep it up guys you make your self look so mature.