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RewiredMind writes: "If I'm honest, I had completely forgotten that Tales of Vesperia was even coming out for the Xbox 360. Having played bits and bobs of the previous games in the "Tales" series, I was quite looking forward to seeing what the Namco Tales Studio had come up with. When the game released back in August 2008 in the US (less than a month after the Japanese release), I couldn't wait."

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Whut3391d ago

good game.

I just noticed one thing! ever since it got announced on PS3 the N4G user score as grew bigger. smh @ the bs people

TheColbertinator3391d ago

Are you new to N4G? That happens every time.A PS3 exclusive is trashed until it arrives on 360,a 360 exclusive is trashed until it arrives on PS3.

HarukoHex3391d ago

sorry not trying to be a D-bag here, but I don't really remember many ps3 exlcusives that went over to the 360??? I do know a few 360 ones that hit the ps3 but not really the other way around. and they were all insulted untill they found out it was going to the ps3. like when lost planet 2 was announced everyone loved it, as soon as 360 only was announced half the comunity here starting attacking it saying it was crap looked horrible and stuff when just a week before they were saying it looked amazing.

3391d ago
PirateThom3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Well, considering, with the PS3 version, they added stuff that was cut from 360 due to DVD limitations (source: http://rpgmonkey.blogspot.c... ), it's obviously the better version of the two.

HarukoHex3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


Tales of Vesperia (5.9 GB)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent (6.8 GB)


They had almost a whole extra Gig of space they could have used on the game. its not the fact they didn't have space its the fact they didn't have any extra stuff to put out. most extra stuff is released after a game comes out. like Star ocean 3 had almost an entire disk of extra content later. or maybe the added characters to FF7 from the japan version to the US version.

*its nots based on Space there, considering that one gig could hold upwards of 5-6 hours of constant voices (upwards of 8-10 hours if compressed like the rest of the game data). its more of the fact it wasn't ready when the game released. like I said before size isn't really the issue here. time and money is the reason most things were cut*

*oh be careful everyone thom is using his multiaccounts. XD, funny how I went 26 minutes without a negative, then in 30 seconds get 4 negatives and 6 on my first post. wow thom thats sad, is this all you do all day if your proven wrong.*

PirateThom3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Are you saying full voice acting wasn't something they could have included?

Edit: Anyone find it amusing that HarukoHex is complaining about me having multiple accounts even though I have, magically, ended up with more disagrees on my comments?

Rob0g0rilla3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

The way it was meant to be. I just hope it comes to NA. There is a TON of dialogue in Tales of Vesperia that doesn't have voice acting. I think it was time, money, and DVD limitation. I don't think 1 gig would of been enough. The game is big but not that big. Towns are pretty small compared to other RPGS. They left out an entire location only included in the PS3 version and some parts felt like they were rushed or cut as well. The whole ghost ship part especially. I think it was the only dungeon without a boss. And that thief from the beginning of the game is never caught. It seems like they also had plans on including Flynn in the 360 version. It's weird they included a lot of his artes which can only be used through him yet he's only playable once, and that's if you synthesized an item that allows you to do that. Not so sure what happened to the ending either. Either way, this game has a lot replay value thanks to new game ex.

Am I missing something? What are you talking about?

Only one user review and it's been there for 299 days. I fail to see how it's gone up when it's been that way for almost a year. Unless I'm missing something.

JsonHenry3391d ago

Wow, you mean to tell me that fighting over video games is so important to some people that they honestly have more than one account? Wierd man. Just plain weird. And pathetic.

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Dave20093391d ago

I love clicking disagree on every one's comments using my other accounts it's fun making other people think someone else is using multiple accounts and clicking disagree ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Now on to another article Poor Sony droids getting the blame that will teach you for banning me from the gamer zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HarukoHex3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

love how you logged in right in the 15 minutes thom was off, man you are making it to easy to expose you for what you are. XD

Rofl if I had more then this account do you really think i would waste my time with 3 bubbles and atcually do something with them. XD

PirateThom3391d ago

Why do you keep getting such a high number of agrees in a short space of time?

HarukoHex3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Oh whats this I have pictures of thoms post time and his Log back in time, funny how it matchs perfect for when my negatives pop up. also who logs out and logs back in at 5:25 am after he made a post just 15 minutes before. XD

(thoms log time)

Do the math on his post time. its now 5:44 and his post was 34 minutes ago. it was around 5:10am

*below* ive never used the forums page yet it shows my log time at like 2:03am which is right. because my posts go from 3 hours ago to 10. XD

PirateThom3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Should I point out that that's the last time I accessed the forum page?

Believe what you want, I don't care. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Now, are you going to go and find the people who logged in with a minute of each other after that?

Dave20093391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

[email protected] nasim accusing me of being PirateTom pathetic really Sony droid go play a Metal Gear movie or something will you and leave the posting on this site to us real gamers a.k.a 360 gamers.

OmarJA3391d ago

What a waste of human life...

Noct3391d ago

I doubt the spare 1GB of space the 360 version had could fit all the extra's the PS3 version is getting...

Additional Content
Full voice acting
Flynn as a playable character
Tie-ins with Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike[15]
New playable character, a pirate girl called Patty Fleur
New Cutscenes
New Subplots
New Costumes
New Bosses (Including the Sword Dancer)
New Dungeons
New Towns
New Hi Ougi/Mystic Artes (including a combo Mystic Arte with Yuri and Flynn)
New Skits
New Sidequests
New Songs
New Artes
Repede and Flynn as selectable on-screen avatars
Tag Arena in Nordopolica Coliseum
New Quests
Remodeled Towns
Connectivity with Tales of VS[16]
Pre-Order Bonus (Abyss Costumes for Yuri,Flynn,and Estelle)

If both the 360 and PS3 version released side by side with the same content then the PS3 version would be severly gimped.

kingdavid3378d ago

I doubt they had stuff planned in the game which they had to remove from disc constaints at 360 release. The extra gb definitely proves that.

You would expect the ps3 version to have extra stuff considering tales was released a year ago in japan on 360.

Even so, multiple discs wouldnt of been out of the question. Almost every jrpg on the 360 has multiple discs.

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