Kotaku: You Too Can Experience The Dragon Quest IX Launch

Kotaku writes: "You've no doubt heard some blogger or another refer to a Dragon Quest release date as "national holidays in Japan". This isn't really true. Today, for example, was not a holiday. It was, however, the release date of Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS."

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TheColbertinator3242d ago

This game will be huge,huge,huge.Japan is certainly going to shut down this week.I expect DQ9 to own the Japanese sales charts for the rest of the year

SpoonyRedMage3242d ago

Nah, not the whole year. By that time everybody will already have a copy!

Plus there's two Final Fantasies coming out but DQIX will definitely damage Blood of Bahamut's sales potential.

TheColbertinator3242d ago

I think it sell throughout the year.Sales will continue to stay strong just like how Monster Hunter 2nd G continued selling all last year

Not to mention the DQ9 ads are all over Japan,its just the biggest thing out there

SpoonyRedMage3242d ago

Yer, it might do. It'd definitely be good if exploded with sales and then kept a consistent level of decent sales.

Loving the new Avatar by the way.

TheColbertinator3242d ago

Just giving my props to the legendary franchise and the 4 studios who had the honor of developing DQ9.

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Redempteur3241d ago

i hope this one get translated fast