4 of the best super-fast gaming laptops

Gaming has traditionally been the mainstay of the desktop PC market, with laptops often proving too slow to cope with the most demanding games. This is no longer the case, as dedicated gaming laptops can now handle the latest titles with ease.

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sak5003448d ago

I can't seem to see any text when i click the link. Just blank page anyone else having problem although in print preview i can see one page. I tried in IE as well as Avant Brower. Tell me Asus won :D

F3NIX DX3448d ago

1. Alienware M17-R1
2. Asus W90
3. Kobalt Mojave
4. Toshiba Qosmio X300-148

F3NIX DX3448d ago

I don't understand why you got a disagree.

adsaidler3448d ago

n4g is a fanboy heaven, probably some random anti-asus moron disagreed with him xD

F3NIX DX3448d ago

yea probably some random person did it just to be an a$$ about it. don't you just hate that? I do.

sak5003448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )


Cheers m8 for the list as i can't still see nothing in my browers for tech radar. Since I work in Asus i was hoping it would get the top award ;)


You're right probably my earlier association with 360 fanboy club has something to do with it :)

ThanatosDMC3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

There are a lot better gaming laptops than these 4 out there. Also, the Toshiba Qosmoi usually have 9800 nvidia cards either single or dual.

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adsaidler3448d ago

if their battery can hang long enought, all them will propably melt in your lap after 30 minutes playing =)

CaptainSquirts3448d ago

Geez Sager should be on that list, one of the best gaming laptops imo

Weed3448d ago

Yeah I agree, Sager offers some insane laptop options... Corei7, SLI 280s, 12GB ram, 3 HDD slots you can make a ridiculous laptop lol


unfortunately support is not as good with sager. i bet thats why it didnt make the list

PotNoodle3448d ago

I never really understood the point behind the really powerful gaming laptop's. I thought the point of a laptop was for it to be portable, i don't know about you but i don't know anyone who likes to sit down on the train for a nice session of css, or anything like that.

Why? Because, controls are limited unless you carry around an external mouse too, but then - where to use it?

Yes, of course there will be people who like to game on the move, but really, do you need something with enough processing power to generate its own force field for something you'll only get the most out of while out and about? Because every other time, desktop is far more practical for gaming.

Though, everyone used to say that they couldn't see the point in a camera on a mobile phone, so i guess i shouldn't really find it strange.

DevastationEve3448d ago

Gaming laptops are just pointless. First of all, there's the fact that they're built pretty much on the edge of technology. And that's not cheap, dual core Meroms and Penryns are usually twice the price of an equivalent speed desktop cpu.

Second, even though manufacturers came up with MXM they didn't make it cheap. So most laptops WILL come with mini pci-e slots where you'd usually find your wi-fi card, but mxm just isn't as standardized.

And lastly, you sacrifice a lot of portability for the screen size. People, anything over 8 lbs just ISN'T portable. I own a 17", believe me...if I could I'd gladly let it go for a lean 13", maybe even 11". Give me that and just enough juice to run some hulu every so often or whatever and I'm done. I don't mind not having a 2nd HDD, or running at 1280x800.

Guwapo773448d ago

A huge reason for these systems are for desktop replacements. Some folks find these much easier to carry to say lanparties. Other folks just don't have the space for a big tower in their rooms. If they are thinking green, it cheaper to run and isn't as power hungry as a desktop. Gaming laptops are far from useless... you just gotta think outside the box. *pun intended*

zagibu3447d ago

They ARE pointless. You can build a small, energy efficient desktop system for a much smaller price. Laptops are not greener than desktop systems, they are usually even worse when it comes to performance/power ratios.

They are more portable than desktop systems, but this advantage is quickly eaten up by the many disadvantages.

JHUX3447d ago

Well if the person that is buying it is willing to spend the extra money instead of building his own gaming rig then it is pretty convenient when taking to lans (which is the main portableness for gaming laptops). If you connect a mouse and even a keyboard if you wan't it basically is like playing on a desktop with an LCD. The only people that would make a big deal and complain about the setup is people who are/really wanting to be a "pro" gamer, which for most who are trying is a big waste of time for the money youd be making from it.

So really they aren't that pointless. My cousin brings his gaming laptop with him everytime he comes and he sits on the couch and puts his mouse pad on the arm rest and while we have a couple ps3's hooked up lannin re5, a 360 with mass effect, and then if we choose to play comp games he can play from his laptop with ease on the couch (that even with a shuttle you couldn't do so as easy with any kind of desktop).

So for your average gamer who can afford doing so it is not at all pointless, and will end up being convenient.

zagibu3447d ago

Okay, I give you that, for real portability, like moving about several times a month, it's the only solution, but otherwise...plugging a keyboard in is certainly not going to work, as it ditances you further from the already small screen.

But yeah, if you want to just go to a friend and play on your own machine there, you kinda have to get one. So they are not completely pointless. But only useful for a very small factor of the gaming population.

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ambientFLIER3448d ago

How about the Xbox 360 Laptop? That should win :P

RockmanII73447d ago

Oh yea, I remember that thing

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