McRae: DIRT delayed for Ps3

Codemasters have announced today that the ps3 version of Dirt will be delayed. The ps3 version will not be arriving anywhere before October 5. The PC and xbox360 version shall be arriving at retail shelves on June 22.

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MoonDust4253d ago

Atleast they didn't delay the 360 version, YAY!

Ps3Fanboy7774253d ago

I dont understand this from a business move at all.

Who would spend 59.99 on DIRT when killzone, GTA, Heavenly Sword are right next to it? Especially when Motorstorm most likely will have dropped in price by then as well..

Not to mention that I would take Motorstorm over DIRT regardless. Motorstorm is a lot of fun, Colin is a seriously annoying simulator.

As a Ps3 user im use to this type of stuff by now. We get shafted because we decided to buy Sony's console instead of Microsoft. I totally understand how thats fair.... lol....

You know im really starting to understand why people steal games and dont seem to care... Devs dont care so why should we.

MoonDust4253d ago

Just to check it out. If you even want to, you might be too busy playing KZ :)

Mikemach4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

WTF are you basing this one? Have you actually played a demo or the full game yet? Nope? That's what I thought another ill informed dumb ass post. Making a statement as to why something sucks just to sound smart on the net.

power0919994253d ago

I was going to get this for PS3, figuring they would come out around the same time.

Guess I will pick it up for my 360 after all.

vidoardes4252d ago

My money is online. Either they are waiting for something to do with Home, or Sony haven't given enough information to go online and they don't want to relase without it. The lack of online compatibility is gettign ridiculous, Sony need to get it together.

Karebear4253d ago

You have some major major releases scheduled for around then including GTAIV. I wanted to get this game but one game a month is pretty much my max. I have a feeling I'll lose enough life to GTAIV.

nice_cuppa4253d ago

im sure it will be the same game just.................later !

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The story is too old to be commented.