Bungie Weekly Update: 07/10/09

Bungie writes:

"Told ya we were gonna kick your ass.

For a while there it looked like you were gonna make us eat our words though, didn't it? We were throwing down on your own crazy pile of maps ('sup, Colonnade), the odds were stacked pretty high in your favor (like so many teetering blocks of stone), and let's be honest here, our four-man squads did their absolute best to let you walk out of the Bungie vs. The World party with a pretty easy victory.

Our fearsome foursomes stayed up later than most grown ass men should and thoroughly diminished the studio's liquor stash, draining it down to an empty pile of glittering bottles while they simultaneously feasted upon the unhealthiest of foodstuffs. The opportunistic among you took advantage of their drunken, stumble bum, and sugar-saturated state-a shameful way to win, I might add-to pull out ahead and build up what appeared to be an early and insurmountable lead."

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