OXCGN: A Case For Gaming 'Blog' Sites - The coming of age for Indie Game Sites

OXCGN writes: "With the huge amount of social networking and blogging these days, where everyday people can reach the world, some wonder about the legitimacy of non-commercial sites based on people and people's opinions.

After all, put one way, opinions are like arseholes….everyone has one, most of them stink, and no one wants to hear yours, right?

But are all these blog sites or even some of the more developed sites based on online hosting services like WordPress just 'blowing foul air', or do they really contribute to people's interests and actually engage, entertain, and enrich?"

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Godem3445d ago

I like how a lot of the smaller sites/blogs expand on the general news, compared to the cut and paste block of text that some larger sites too..

gaminoz3445d ago

I personally like different perspectives on things from sites that try to be as professional as possible. That can be from bigger or smaller sites.

I don't think what software the site runs on makes any difference.

Ziriux3445d ago

Exactly it makes it way more interesting of a read than or

XboxOZ3603445d ago

Many major sites (corp syndications simply share the same news item across the board, in all regions. They have a monoploy on the news media in getting items first, even though generally speaking, they are followed less by the general gamers.

One thing these sites can not do, represent real, daily game playing gamers who spend a great deal of time doing just that - playing and enjoying games for the fun of it, rather than just doing it to get paid each month

Ziriux3445d ago

You site is same as any other blog too pal, expect a bit more organized.

The thing is sites like Kotaku, and Giantbomb have a great style.

News and than their opinion on the news followed by the source. It's the best way and adds some spice to the news.

xtkxCracktheSkye3445d ago

If you want OXCGN really bad!!!
Buy a PC LOL!!!!

allegionary3445d ago

I find some of the big sites too repetitive: they state the same facts that are good to read once, but don't seem to elaborate on them at all or suggest possibilities. Half the fun of gaming is the "what if" or "will it be/do" etc. imo.

Godem3445d ago

oo I love possibilities hahah.

'Could this be Halo 4?' !!!!!! -gets you all excited haha

XboxOZ3603445d ago

Agreed, one only has to fan through the several main gaming sites, which does include the major gaming blog sites such as Kotaku, Joystiq GameDaily etc, and you'll see the smallest amount of detail, basically copied from one site to the other, all cross linking themselves.

Dedicated Gaming Blogs that are run by enthusiasts put 10 times more work into the articles, do more research (as they have to, their name is on the line) and actually have more details on the news or game .

This isn't about whether news is good or bad, it's more to do with how many gamers believe "Blogs" are bad things, and shouldn't be trusted.

Truth is, 80% of most gaming sites, large to medium, are all run off blogging software. And many are the ones gamers go to each day without even realizing they are in fact "blogs" . .

I look at it this way, if the "industry" (publishers, developers and PR companies take these sites seriously, which they do, then that makes them a viable source of news and information, as these Pub/Dev/PR companies do not have time to waste on sites that do not have traffic or are not run properly.

That in its self says a great deal for any of these sites that fall into the Indie Game Blog Sites.

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