Spawn Kill Previews: Half-Minute Hero

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes: "One of the titles on hands-on site that had generated a lot of genuine interest, was a seemingly innocent PSP title called Half-Minute Hero. This original and quirky title is just begging for the ADD-riddled gamer to find his or her way towards the addiction that they will soon face upon playing. HMH is a full RPG experience - in 30 seconds!"

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futur3man3420d ago

It just so happens I refuse to take my RPG experiences in anything but 30 second increments. Looks pretty interesting.


we need a good sandbox SPAWN game. imagine giving him a load of powers with todays consoles and pc hardware. I think that seth mcfarlanes models can really shine on todays consoles and the gt2xx(for all of us pc gamers).

Johnny Rotten3420d ago

I've been called a half minute hero before I hope this games just as fun!

tigresa3419d ago

I saw a comment like this coming when I was writing it! I can't help but bow down to the immaturity since it crossed my mind while writing. Ha.

P.S. +2 Charisma for having a Sex Pistols name!

sarshelyam3420d ago

I was really close to importing this after playing the demo a couple months back but heard it was picked up for NA. Glad to see it's getting the attention it so rightfully deserves.

Snarkasaur3419d ago

Wtf does Spawn have to do with this article? ffs...

This looks crazy fun though I still don't fully understand the premise. Which is why I love demos.