New Forza Motorsport 3 Screenshots

Forza Motorsport 3: Supercar Shootout - 7.10.2009

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Jack Klugman3420d ago

the racing sim of this generation. forza is the real deal.

vx3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

there is high possibility that the next announcement will be cars removal from the game LOL!

Whut3420d ago

VX showed that he Owns a APE brain!

have you ever seen a car racing game without cars?

Whut3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

and the Ape dildo lovers Squad disagrees about the fact that Car racers do have cars!!!!!!!!

Ape escape live action featuring the PS3 Fanboys as the monkeys.

rodrz343420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Graphically that's subpar compared even to GT5P, the cars have a plastic toy look that is not very realistic probably due to average lighting. Cars on GT5P are a lot more realistic and detailed. The major difference is the quality of lighting.

When you add :
- no weather
- no night driving
- no rally
- less cars than GT PSP
- stupid arcade features like rewind (in a sim ??)
- no possibility to use G25 wheel

On the whole it doesn't look that great.

I think it will be nice, but comparing it to GT5 is an insult to GT...

3420d ago
jBat173420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

have you seen forza 3 in motion?

it looks bland and ugly.. these are bullshots.. but idiot xbots love eating bullshots

btw, why are there only 8 cars on track? isn't that a little low? GT5 has at least 16.

Tr10wn3420d ago

Still millions of people will buy forza3 over GT5 you'll see GT was cool in PS and PS2 but this game is about forza, dirt, grind and PGR, i will buy GT5 depending on the review and how good it is compare to other racing games because GT5p was a piece of sh!t.

tehReaper3420d ago


Dude, your mom is a damn bullshot. Stop complaining about screenshots.

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Sunny_D3420d ago

Just a replay with extra polish... Just saying what bots were saying about the GT trailer yesterday.

UnSelf3420d ago

(inserts impromptu Gran Turismo comment)

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

looks good.

is that the reflection of the track i see on the red 550 hp v10 r8 pic?

edit: confirmed on newschool gt40 pic

STICKzophrenic3420d ago

Can anyone tell me if the Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel is good?

I was into Forza 2 for a little while, then just kinda hit a wall with it, tried picking it back up and I just suck using the controller. Was wondering if the racing wheel is any good and makes the game more enjoyable...

green3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

360 wheel is okay but not very good.Get the Fanatec 911 Turbo S racing wheel is brilliant and Forza 3 fully supports it.

EDIT:It is worth every penny.


Are the 2 screenshots posted by Kionic *ACTUAL* in-game shots, or done in an editor mode?

If the graphics displayed are genuine, then...

... Wow, just wow.

JOLLY13420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

You know a game is getting under the bridge dwellers when there are more comments in the open zone than the gamer zone.

*edit* Brach, I would guess that this is a photo mode pic.

TK4213420d ago

It never looks that good in the game play videos. It looks too bright and plastic like.

xwabbit3420d ago

look at those pics, Pro right ? Now look at this video and tell me if it looks anything like those pics

STICKzophrenic3420d ago

Whoa...$190.00. Is it THAT much better to justify the price difference?!

Maddens Raiders3420d ago

and that's good news for 360 owners. For me, Polyphony blood's been running in my veins since 1997 and I just can't shake it. It's like Coke vs. Classic Coke: I just want the real driving simulator.

Stevie Ray Vaughan3420d ago

Thats all cool Maddens but there's a new kid on the block and he's been beating your drivin sim every since he became a franchise.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

the pics we are presented here are from 7/10/09. Do the math.

naturally, they are still tweaking. they still have another 6 weeks or so before they have to start burning the dvds. It wil be interesting as a gamer, to see what the final product achieves.

try to use your head, you couldve easily said something like:

"with only 8 cars during races and no weather and nightime would be a shame if it didnt reach this level of detail yet.too bad its limited by dvd".

that wouldve easily made your point(that you dont like forza)Ur trolling fails.

@1.9: the price may seem steep. then when you first start using it you will think its not worth it. Once youbecome accustomed to the precision of the wheel.....YOU WILL NEVER DRIVE WITH OUT IT

Maddens Raiders3420d ago

and every 360 fan in here who's signed in with a different account to vote "no" knows it (I hope that wasn't you).

Forza is "Livin' Life by the Drop" - GT is a "TEXAS FLOOD".

JokesOnYou3420d ago

Looks like I'm going to have to take a few days off in October.


Maddens Raiders3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Aren't you tired of Blues at Sunrise with the camp you're in.....

you should check out my Pride and Joy....and race with the rest of the grown man - car aficionados of the world @

Life is too short to play emulators.

Boody-Bandit3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

For me personally it's an absolute no brainer but it all depends on how much you are into racing games. The MS wheel only has 240 degree ratio vs the Fanatec 900 degrees. The Fanatec is also fully adjustable on the fly and it not only has force feedback but rumble as well (even on the pedals). All of which is adjustable.

I am shelling out for the wheel, clubsport pedals, new c0ckpit, buttkicker (tactile transducers) and possibly a new lcd panel just for Forza 3. Then again I am a racing fanatic and my G25 wont work on the 360.

coolirisGB3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

"We will release new screenshots all the freaking time and the game that you've seen so far at E3 and Le Mans are literally builds that we've branched for stability way back in mid-May. Which means the game already looks better and is going to look better with each passing week."

Don't be scared just buy the 360 for its games the PS3 doesn't have or save it.

andyo133420d ago

These are BULLSHOTS. Not what the game will actually look like when its running. It's like those gears of war BULLSHOTS and Killzone 2 BULLSHOTS that we were shown.

These screenshots are worthless

case closed

coolirisGB3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

How did you come to that conclusion just from turn 10 improving or adjusting the lighting engine and adding more detail on the tracks. Or maybe its all in our heads and when these were taken in the game world the track was going through a cloudy day cycle or cloudy period.

On on topic the have polished the track and cars in this build

andyo133420d ago

Theres absolutly no Aliasing. the motion blur is far too polished. Although there is a chance it was done in photo mode but then thats really misleading people who think this is how the game actually looks while you're racing. The Game doesn't look anywhere near as good in the real time racing.

coolirisGB3420d ago

The pics range from some Motion blur to none depending on the speed of the cars and the angle of the capture. you need to do better than that. The motion blur is far too polished in your eyes because you think you know how much is normal for this game some developers use blur to hide imperfections and others put just the right amount humans really see to make the game immersive. You have no idea what you are talking about

andyo133420d ago

It's hard to say im in love with sony when i also mentioned that killzone 2 had bullshots.

Infact, uncharteds done it, ratchet and clank does it heaps.

Altho the uncharted one that i saw doesn't look that different from what it actually does because that game looks insanly good and anyone who disgrees with uncharted looking good is obviously a fanboy.

With motion blur it is incredibly hard on the procesor to have really polished motion blur.

taking wipeout for example. yeah the game has motion blur normally. but when you go into photo mode and turn the motion blur on that way, it takes a little while to process it but it's super clean.

These pictures were taken with the photo booth option of forza 3. NOT actual screen shots of someone actually playing

TK4213420d ago

So you admit exclusive gamer that the actual game play videos don't look that good? That's why you used the excuse of the earlier build?

You're hoping that Turn 10 can improve those game play vids from just last month to look as good (relative term) as the bullshots before the game releases?

coolirisGB3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )







If I'm not mistaken you are confusing the so called plastic look with more complex lighting not really seen in Playstation games.

1)Light bloom
Bloom (shader effect)
Light blooming is the result of scattering in the human lens, which our brain interprets as a bright spot in a scene. For example, a bright light in the background will appear to bleed over onto objects in the foreground. This can be used to create an illusion to make the bright spot appear to be brighter than it really is.

Lens flare
Flare is the diffraction of light in the human lens, resulting in "rays" of light emanating from small light sources, and can also result in some chromatic effects. It is most visible on point light sources because of their small visual angle.

3)Gloss versus Matte

The surface finish of paint and paintings affects the look. You may know that commercial house paints are available in roughly five different finishes with varying levels of gloss:

gloss (very shiny);
semi-gloss (shiny);
satin (somewhat shiny, but more of a gleam than a sparkle);
eggshell (dull); and
flat (very dull).
Similarly, artist's paints and varnishes vary in gloss level. We usually talk about just two levels of shine:

gloss (very shiny); and
matte (dull) AKA matt AKA mat.
There's more to this than shine. More gloss means more saturated colour, tougher protection for the surface, and more light bounce (which tends to reveal even tiny bumps and crevices). Flat paints and varnishes even out rough surfaces, mute the colours, and tend to be more porous (so they'll absorb gunk over time instead of being easy-to-clean).

TURN 10 either improved the lighting engine or adjusted it or these screens were taken when the Sun was being blocked by cloud cover.

When you say PLASTIC! I say more SOPHISTICATED! graphical effects. Just because PS3 does this poorly doesn't mean you have to bash the game trying warp real world physics.

I love PS3 too but there is no need to try and defend it here.

deadpoole3420d ago

I got one and only one concern, they are making color lifeless. Primaries are literally colorless. Just like Gears of War, which was technically different shades of grey/brown. Hope Forza 3 developers are not following the same lead.

Check out following screenshots.

Forza 3.

Real Life.

If only someone can contact Forza 3 developer and tell them that please make game colorful and not colorless.

phosphor1123420d ago

@ Cool
Not seen on the PS3? Serious? Games have had those graphical features for years now. Even the PS2 featured bloom, HDR etc etc.

I can start posting pictures of GT5 for you, but I'll pass to avoid conlfict..unless you REALLY want me to..

@ dead
That picture (the real one) has had its contrast turned up...also real life doesn't look THAT vibrant.

Dareaver13420d ago

The pics are taken from photomode, which when the game comes out, every gamer is going to have access to the same game. And as long as the gamers can do the same thing as the developers, then it is not Bullshots.

@Andyo: In photomode, you can blur the foreground or background. You can do that right now with Forza 2. But i'm guessing you are not really a Forza fan, and just are someone whose sole purpose was to come in here and bash the game. Because if you are a forza fan, then you would have been to the Forza site and you would have saw where Che said firstly they do not use bullshots and secondly that the demo was a separate build built for the e3 demonstration for stability.

But you are in here "Trolling" (i think that's what they call it). If you don't like the game, then you should just leave. It'll do us all a favor.

pixelsword3419d ago

Because that only means the people who make your games have to work harder to bring better graphics and features to the games you buy.

Which only benefits YOU.

I love a healthy competition!

Leathersoup3419d ago

You'll have to exuse the PS3 crowd. You see, until this game came out, graphics like these were only possible with the power of cell processing. ;)

Oner3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

@ Dareaver1 ~ "Turn10 doesn't do bullshots"

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You want proof they DO Bullshots click this link ~

The Xbox 360 ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DISPLAY A 2560x1440 resolution image. Plain & Simple.


The Master Chief3419d ago

"You'll have to exuse the PS3 crowd. You see, until this game came out, graphics like these were only possible with the power of cell processing."

HAHAHAHAHAHHA so true and now their going crazy. 360 ftw

Oner: That isn't formatted, nothing you say will stop the truth. Forza 3 looks better than GT5:Prologue. You'll get over it.

SimonSaysBuyPs33419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

well, this is a GT5 prologue version of those screens.
So please, don't say insightfull things, be positive, wish for more great simulators, instead of just one 'definitive' one.

I have more, but this is a forza thread! I hope Forza and GT developers try thier hardest to bring us the best games this gen. You hope Forza does, alone

Dareaver13419d ago

as long as they are using ingame assets, then they are not bullshots. It is from photomode. And so what if it's a higher resolution pic. First of all it's a greater size to show the detail, secondly both the 360 and PS3 have upscalers. So, this pic, can be just that. An upscaled pic used to showcase the attention to detail.

Do you really have to troll Forza news. I'm going off of fact. They have it on their site that they don't use bullshots. And all you can give me is a pic with a different resolution. Are they adding details that are not in the game. That's what bullshots are. When they touch up the image and make it look better then what is possible on the game. These pics are from the photomode which are completely possible on the game. And they gave a larger pic so that you could see more detail.

Sorry, but you are wrong, that's not a bullshot. Remember next time. Bullshots have added affects and touch ups to make it look better, not just increased resolution.

Oner3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

LMFAO...So let me get this straight, a 2560x1440 resolution image which ISN'T possible on the 360 that Turn 10 released saying "this is what FM3 on the 360 looks like ingame" is NOT a Bullshot? If you actually believe the $#@! you are spewing then there is no reason to say anything else. I provided PROOF and you now say Bullshots" insist of X & Y but not Z?!?!? Whatever. My conscience is clear...I proved you wrong, you just can't seem to comprehend the facts since your view is clouded for some odd reason.

Oh I almost forgot to add that your point could go also go in reverse by T10 releasing 2560x1440 Bullshots DOWNSAMPLED to 1280x720 to fake more detail. That is where my bets are since they have done it before just like Epic and Bungie have been PROVEN to do in the past. THAT is fact, no matter WHO says what or would have other try and believe.

And as for "Master Chief" (yeah your not biased...sure you aren't ~ LoL) I KNOW GT5 will be the better game in EVERY aspect. You'll get over being proved wrong sooner or later. Either that or you'll just keep running around going "lalalalalalala I can't hear you!" with your fingers in your bet is on the latter.

TK4213417d ago

The video does not lie. The game looks okay but nothing like the screen shots.

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MetalGearBear 3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )


Forza only have 400 cars with no night and no rally car. it not awesome.
If u want GT5 really bad!!! BUY PS3!!!! LOL!!!!

-MD-3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

BUY A 360!!!!!!!

heihoosilver3420d ago

wtf, now if a game with gt cars don´t have rally cars, the game is bad?
if i want a rally car game i have colin, rallysport chalenge and others. and weather? that´s not important because pgr4 have weather and sony fans said it was not it is important just because gt5 have it?
for me gt5 and fm3 are on par in grafics but i like more the bacgrounds of fm3.