IGN: Five Ways to Make The Grinder Better

High Voltage Software (The Conduit) is hard at work on two Wii projects, both set for release next year. The first, scheduled to ship in the first half of 2010, is Gladiator A.D., an ultra-bloody fighting game that revolves around the ancient Greek sport. The second title is The Grinder, which has with all of its similarities to the Left 4 Dead series garnered a great deal of interest from the Nintendo-loving community -- for the obvious reason that there's nothing like Valve's series on Wii.

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SinnedNogara3445d ago


5,4 and 3: Agreed, but shouldn't they just put in a sprint feature?? Hold the A Button to sprint!!

#2: Some very weird weapon ideas. Personally I would like to see weapons that fit with the style of the game like a RPG-7, Dragunov, M79, Molotov c0cktail, Dynamite, Claymore, and of course a FLAMETHROWER!!!!

#1: Agreed. I would also want to see a mode called "Survival". Basically you and four friends are trapped in a stage fighting hordes of enemies. Just imagine Nazi Zombies combined with Horde mode combined with Left 4 Dead!!

ChickeyCantor3445d ago

" Agreed. I would also want to see a mode called "Survival""

But there already is one?
Its called score arena i think...

SinnedNogara3445d ago

There is??? Weird, I've never seen it. Give me a link of some sort!

Youg3384d ago

looks awesome, not so sure bout Gladiator A.D but The Grinder looks promising and awesome :D

been e-mailing my suggestions in, if u wanna c somethin in the game (or considered at least) e-mail the suggestions address at high voltage :D

EvilTwin3384d ago

After playing Conduit, I'm kinda more excited about Gladiator A.D. than Grinder, but that's just me.

Conduit was a nice game, but honestly, I'd still rather play Prime 3. And the COD4 port could seriously one-up HVS for best FPS on Wii. I hope I'm wrong and that Grinder is a great game, but it's kinda hard to out-do L4D when it's got a sequel coming.