Turning Point: Fall of Liberty First Look

If the Germans had won WWII, life would be so much different, as IGN discovered in Codemasters's hot new shooter.

"Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a departure from the traditional war-torn first-person shooter because it takes a genre that's been milked of all creativity and breathes new life into it. Sure, you use guns to mow down Nazis and the action rarely shifts out of fifth gear, but there's a lot that's different about Turning Point. Take the story: In 1931 Winston Churchill is hit by a taxi, an event that actually happening all those years ago. Only, in the game, the accident was fatal, so there's no Churchill to deliver that speech and no leader to inspire the troops to victory. Instead the Nazi force overthrew the British, pushing our boys out of France and seizing control of Europe. Eight years later and the Germans have amounted a vast army which is sent across the Atlantic, ready to take over the US."

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God of Gaming4134d ago

Very interesting concept... Gonna keep my eyes on this one!