Half-Life 2 mod Neotokyo Released

The NT team has announced the release of their FPS Neotokyo, now available for download.

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Tetsuryu3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Oh wow, they actually have Fuchi/Tachikoma-inspired tanks.

ChampIDC3444d ago

Started playing this last weekend with my friends. It's quite fun.

ALoneWolves3444d ago

It's been out for a little while now...

iNcRiMiNaTi3444d ago

been playing for about a week now, its actually pretty fun. recon and assault are my favorite classes. support is just to damn slow for me, has no sprint or invisibility compared to the other 2 classes. once i hit 20 exp i usually stick to being assault because of that last sniper rifle.

Kurylo3d3444d ago

This mod puts left 4 dead to shame and its FREE!!!! to anyone who owns any half life 2 source engine games... including left 4 dead.

shiner3444d ago

THAT is why PC gaming will never die.

edhe3444d ago

PC gaming is where everything spawns, consoles are just standardised versions of what's already available on PC.

That's why this gen i was ready to switch, i could buy a single console that i could game on with good graphics, effects & sounds whilst supporting my need for connected gaming.

MS's 'presence' and cross-game chat is no more than advanced than what we used to do with IRC scripts and a teamspeak server. But it's standardised in the 360.

We should be seeing quadHD 3d gaming on the pc very soon, guess that Natal will make it to PCs also.

morganfell3444d ago

One of the best SciFi movies/series has inspired an incredible FREE mod. This could easily have been packaged as a retail title, add a quick SP mode and a few touches and it would have sold quite well. A damn fine effort form the team.

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