Hey Microsoft, How About an Xbox 360 Hard Drive Upgrade?

Matt Peckham writes,

"That's it, my Xbox 360's out of gas. I've officially tottered Over The Edge. The formerly formidable 120GB hard drive clapped on top of my vertically oriented unit's finally shuffled past the point of practical capacity. I've migrated my MP3s to external drives, scrubbed the video files and demos and superfluous cosmetic downloads, and dropped all the full-install games I can stand to live without down the rabbit hole. It's not enough. Not even close. Grand Theft Auto IV's eating up 9GB. Oblivion and Fable 2 have 8 a piece earmarked. Mass Effect and Sacred 2 are pushing 6 or 7 each. Lost Odyssey's first two discs alone are holding 11-plus in reserve. And yes, I really am actively chipping away at another dozen besides.

This, despite sacrificing an arm, a leg, and a pile of good ol' common sense to get my hands on Microsoft's $150 (that's $1.25 per gigabyte) Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade late last year--just in time for the company's New Xbox Experience."

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-MD-3442d ago

Still haven't filled up my 20GB since launch. I have like 30 arcade games and 4-5 DLC map packs for multiple games.

Complaining about 120GB? Delete some of that useless crap on there.

rodrz343442d ago

That's probably because there has been no AAA exclusive on 360 since last november.

XBLA crappy arcade games don't take that much space.

Jack Klugman3442d ago

yes listen to rod the [email protected] he spends all his time in 360 articles instead of playing all those aaa games.

say fatty isn't it lunch time? what a shame i cant reach across the internet and punch you in the face and then punch your mom in the face for having such a waste of skin.

rodrz343442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

You look butthurt Jackbot, looks like 2009 was hard for you.

Don't feel bitter, Turn 10 will soon announce what they removed next in their arcade racer, after weather, night racing and rally.

Keep the faith.

-MD-3442d ago

What do 360 games have to do with the HDD? Saves are like 150kb or less.

Jack Klugman3442d ago

im not the droid in an xbox 360 thread spreading BS. you gotta troll because the ps3 is the joke of this generation. A JOKE!

Boty3442d ago

not even 100 gigs yet of my 500 gigger. 70 something bucks for a 500 gig hardrive for my ps3. really not that expensive.

ambientFLIER3442d ago

"Don't feel bitter, Turn 10 will soon announce what they removed next in their arcade racer, after weather, night racing and rally."

Were all those originally supposed to be in Forza 3, and then were cut?

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condorstrike3442d ago

talk about a fanboy, question to the author...
is a console really worth $600?

yes, the HD is expensive, but unless you're saving all your games in it, then 120G is more than enough for what the X360 needs.

" I dropped a 160GB 5400RPM hard drive in my PS3 last summer and it's been cooking along like a champ since"

install 3 blue-ray games on there and you run out of space.
this guy is a schmuck, writing the same story that dozens have written in the last 2 years.

3442d ago
crck3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I've never seen a ps3 game install more then 5gb. So wtf are you talking about? Plus if he does run out of space on his ps3 hard drive he can buy a 320gb 7200 rpm drive for $70 or buy a 500gb hard drive for $90 (yes 500gb with a 3 to 5 year warranty and still 40% cheaper then the 360 120gb drive). Quit being a stupid fanboy and admit MS needs to add a bigger hard drive option and drop the ridiculous prices. That way all gamers benefit.

gaffyh3442d ago

@1.2 - Exactly. When MS announced the full retail downloadable games and installing games to the HDD, they must have thought about the fact that 120GB is not enough for an entire library of games?

I'm sure they'll release a new SKU soon, but it would have been much better if they simply allowed 3rd parties to also build HDDs for 360. That way there would be cheap HDDs and no MS ripoff pricing. I'm sticking with my 20GB until the pricing get's a LOT cheaper.

thereapersson3442d ago

Do you even know what the hell you are talking about? 3 blu-ray games at an average of 5 GB an install (and that's being generous does not equal 160 GB.

It's obvious that your trolling ways don't allow you to think properly. But please, do us a favor and TRY rational thought for once.

a_squirrel3442d ago

Personally, I'd rather depend on Sony than Microsoft....

So why do i have and xbox360?

Arnon3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Lol you guys are too literal. The point he's trying to get at, is that the PS3 uses a lot more HDD space than a 360 does, hence the reason why they allow you to upgrade it. 120gb on a 360 is MORE than enough space. a game, at max, on a single disc, is only 9gb. And most of them are only 7.5 at the most.

edgeofblade3442d ago

Shmuck indeed. How do you load your console up with 3 year old game installs and say "I can't free any more space.... oh noes"?

Start with the games you aren't playing...

AAACE53442d ago

I don't feel so bad because I just bought a 120 Gb Hdd for my 360 for $25 from Craigslist a couple months ago, but if you want to put all of your games on there... you need more space!

I think they will release a bigger HDD along with a new SKU later this year. If they don't, we could see something happen in the later part of 2010.

CrazedFiend3441d ago

My PS3 sports a 500GB internal HD that I got for about $80 when I lived in Japan (Softmap Nagoya). I've got about 20Gigs left on it, but I also have 1TB hooked up to it externally for my media archives and more drives I can move to it if I ever need to.

That's why my X360 is (and until MS rethinks their propriety HD pricing, ALWAYS will be) without a HD.

Marcelles253441d ago

its not upgradeable with third parties which hurts to buy a 60g one let alone a hundred and 20

and developers like hard drives so they can do mandatory installs sometimes they are a good thing

and the only reason sony lets you buy external harddrives is because the whole playstations os is DESIGNED that way. to let import movies music photos and its a universal system you can install linux on it which is a plus, for me at least.

Poopface the 2nd3441d ago

But he hates the lound noise. why doesnt he turn up the volume. My old 360 was noisy but with even a little volume I couldn't hear it. Maybe he sits close to his 360. Hes a pc guy, so he should be used to loud comps, as they are usually louder and are usually closer to you.

I think microsoft is keeping the HDs too expensive, probably because they need a reason to charge more for the pro and elite. Im waiting for the prices to go down before I upgrade my 360 HD. Id probably be ok wiht a 60 gig though as I wouldnt install many games, and probably only really use it for some DLC, which I could delete when Im done.

Microsoft would have to be really stupid not to release bigger and cheaper HDs, as now they are trying for DD. not to mention all the crap that they have for DL now. Its pretty obvious they would make more in the long run cause people would actualy be able to DL stuff.

Arnon3441d ago

Exactly... the only reason the man who is writing this ran out of HDD space is because he tried to from the sound of it.

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ShadowCK3442d ago

Agreed. Only an idiot would complain about that.