The Girl At The Video Game Store

Kotaku writes: "To celebrate the 1,000th episode of G4's Attack of the Show, Nerf Herder front man Parry Gripp composed this stirring ode to the brave women of video game retail.

While I know Parry from his time with Nerf Herder, with songs like "New Jersey Girl" and "Van Halen" holding special places in my heart, the slightly younger generation knows him as the man behind countless ridiculously catchy YouTube jingles, from "Do You Life Waffles?" to my personal favorite, "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom".

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TheDarkCynic2996d ago

Excellent excellent excellent. Really loved it.

UnSelf2995d ago

what girl wears pumps to work at a video game?

blind-reaper2995d ago

lol great video, G4 have awesome music videos, like the I'm watching E3"... the vocalist looks like a cop.

MEsoJD2995d ago

they used Olivia instead of Morgan webb

StrawHatKid2995d ago

The girl at my video game store is a crazy gray haired old lady who looks like she lives in a dumpster.

ryuyasho2995d ago

this was hilarious... also kevin pereira drumming. heres a clip of kevin taking on Fear Factory's drummer raymond herrera...

pumpkinpunker2995d ago

kind of reminds me of Pinkerton era Weezer...not bad.

JsonHenry2995d ago

The girl at my local gamestop is a total babe, and yes, she sometimes wears clothes and heels to work.

But she is also not very knowlegdeable about games/hardware.

Isis062995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Don't say that... it's insulting.
I mean this from the bottom of my heart, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!
Pinkerton is their best, this is more like all the crap that followed.

jakethesnake2995d ago

Yeah, Pinkerton was super gritty and had that intentionally unpolished feel that made it really raw and emotional and awesome. This song is definitely more like the pop-rock stuff they put out afterwards. Still good, just no pinkerton.

The Mikester2995d ago

lol nice video, man too bad i missed there 1000th episode

phosphor1122995d ago

hit that kid in the face.


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Reibooi2996d ago

I caught this last night when the 1000th episode aired and show was good it had alot of funny stuff and seeing some of the older things back from when Sarah Lane and Kevin Rose were on the show was nice.

However I didn't really care for this music video. I don't like Olivia Munn and the song overall was pretty cheesy and stupid.

Ziriux2996d ago

I don't know. I must admit that 700/1000 shows were beyond idiotic. Olivia goes over board sometimes with her stupidity.

Bnet3432995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I stopped watching Attack of the Show because it really got annoying but this video was nice and I'd say 900/1000 shows were idiotic.

njr2995d ago

And of the 100 remaining, those must have been before they changed from Tech TV to G4.

And Gamestop. :|

Reibooi2995d ago

Like i said it was nice seeing the times from when Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane were on the show. That was back in the TechTV days before G4 had fully taken over. Everything since that time pretty much has sucked with only a few good bits every now and then.

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Wonderfulwest2996d ago

That bird is fit enough said really... oh and the song was pretty cool too

xabmol2995d ago

It would have been better if the music didn't suck balls.

Ellessdee2995d ago

for most generic song ever.