Demon's Souls Director Didn't Think Demon's Souls Was "That" Hard

Atlus is advertising Demon's Souls as "a game that enjoys the taste of your tears." A fitting tag line since Demon's Souls is merciless. However, when Takeshi Kajii, Producer of Demon's Souls at SCEJ, was developing the dark fantasy game he didn't think it would be received that way.

"As developers we never thought it would be that hard," Kajii said at the Demon's Souls panel at Anime Expo.

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RealtorMDandDC3420d ago

seems very interesting............

ChozenWoan3420d ago

I'm pre-purchasing this game asap.

I really hope they make Demon's Souls 2 and have it ready for summer 2011.

GameGambits3419d ago

Speaking as someone who has beaten Demon's Souls it is NOT hard. The first few hours are challenging to get everything down and find out how to approach the levels correctly.

Yeah you will die a bunch in this game at different spots, but the # of times you die and how often will drop of substantially the more you play it due to leveling and your own experience with it.

It's far from being hard which is somewhat of a shame, since the best parts of Demons Souls are at the start when you are getting your butt kicked. I would've liked if the whole game had kept that level of difficulty on your first play through.

Still a great game that I hope gets outstanding reviews and sales when it hits stateside this fall. It deserves it 100X over!

sinny3420d ago

It's not that hard really, it looks that way at the begining but then when you learn all the basics the game is not more difficult than a lot of games out there.
Anyway, it's one of the best games for the ps3 , and my fav game of this year so far.

Sangria3420d ago

I like difficulty when it's not frustrating. I hate bosses that can kill you in one or two times or things that are almost unbeatable unless you follow a very precise way of doing. I'm curious to see about Demon's Soul.

callahan093420d ago

I agree with the director. It's a game that requires learning, sure, but once you have some semblance of a clue what to do, it's not that challenging. I mean, you die sometimes, sure, but what action game don't you die in from time to time? If you learn the level layouts and the enemy's moves and strengths, and if you prepare adequately and bring the proper equipment and items, then Demon's Souls is really quite easy in my opinion. I beat the game 3 times and got the platinum trophy.