Myst for PSP Finally Coming to US Shores

It has been confirmed by Hoplight Research LLC. that the franchise Myst will finally be released for the PSP on US shores. The game will be download only and available later this month.

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im getting this and capcoms monster hunter. the commercials are airing consistently for mh

CobraKai3362d ago

I played this game on muh sega saturn ages ago

Toenado3362d ago

This was the only game I played on the saturn.

adsaidler3362d ago

that's like myth's 5th port, wonder why they don't just do a new one

Wacked3362d ago

But if it makes the money why not?

adsaidler3362d ago

if taking the lazy way makes them some money, yeah, why not? but i still think a proper next gen myst would be cool

RememberThe3573362d ago

PSN is doing great right now.

Wacked3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

@adsaidler I would have to agree with you though. Can you imagine the graphics?