'Battlefield 1943' Coral Sea In Less Than 2 Weeks. Probably

Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Despite all the issues, a lot of people still played that first day. According to EA's ongoing forum post detailing the tech efforts to get the game fixed, 29.45 years (or 258,153.19 hours) of gameplay were experienced. Hopefully that doesn't count the time you spent sitting the menu.

More pertinent, though, was that over 5 million kills were counted. The kill count matters 'cause when your chosen platform's global kill count hits 43 million kills, the fourth map, Coral Sea, will be unlocked. No one really had a sense how long this would take, but lets do some simple math to figure it out."

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dustgavin3415d ago

What do you expect? It is not like 360 has any decent exclusives to play. DLC is the systems main source of enjoyment.

Hellsvacancy3415d ago

May seem like a dumbass question but as i dont know - i thought ill ask