Tiscali Customers' PS3 Online Agonies

UK and Italian internet service provider Tiscali has admitted that a number of PlayStation 3 users are being disconnected from the PlayStation Network during peak periods.

The problem only appears to be occurring when Tiscali uses a technique known as traffic shaping to more evenly distribute bandwidth amongst online users. However, as this is a common technique employed by a number of ISPs it is unclear whether or not it is at the root of the disconnection problems.

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kewlkat0074260d ago

PS3 living in the UK/Italy has had that happen to them ,from time to time?

Gunner784260d ago

and have been unable to connect to the psn during peak hours since then. after looking at the tiscali forums this problem is not going to be sorted any time soon. a payne since i am at work during off peak hours except weekends.

1337 gamer4260d ago

i'm in the uk and have a ps3 and that has never happened to me :S

Kastrol4260d ago

Dont ever sign up with tiscali They will throttle your bandwidth until you can’t even load a page let alone watch a trailer or play online it’s that bad, I had the signed with them 2 months later cancelled contract

They use a fair usage policy so people who down load large files are screwed and especially for those who even download new game maps
they dont like people downloading on peak hours even 20mb files

You try gaming on tiscali they will vice grip your balls

You cant do sh*t on peak hours but read ya emails

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