The Top 10 Non-Playable Characters

TheGameReviews writes: "We play games for many reasons, not the least of which is escapism, and being able to immerse yourself in a fictitious world. One of the primary elements that attaches us to a game world is its cast of characters. Yet, while protagonists are often spot lit, it's high time that the supporting roles are given due credit too. They might be charming and lovable, or frighteningly cruel, or sometimes impossible to know what to make of, with that very mystery being what intrigues us. But what's certain is that without them a game simply could not be. Hear are the Top 10 Non-Playable Characters of gaming, finally in the spotlight."

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SirLarr3020d ago

I love Farah, one of the best female characters in recent memory.

shoinan3020d ago

Who also thankfully makes this list.

meepmoopmeep3020d ago

Yorda is the BEST

her A.I was pretty damn smart and realistic to her character

saimcheeda3020d ago

sexy in the first part but not good in T2T!!

UnSelf3020d ago

Elena, Sully, Rico, Issun, Sweet, OG Loc, Roman, Mary [Lady], ProtonMan, Cyber Akuma

saimcheeda3020d ago

bubbles for u bubbles for mentioning lady!!!

TheReaper423019d ago

knew sephiroth would make it to the list. Although gameshark kinda allowed using him to play in the game.

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4pocalyps33020d ago

ocelot was awesome in mgs3

cain1413020d ago

SGT Johnson from Halo is one of my favorites not on the list. But then again isn't he in ODST in so form? I could be mistaken there...

reddevilyi3020d ago

He is a playable character for people who pre-order ODST.

iTZKooPA3020d ago

There are a lot of characters missing, but I think that it's a pretty good list nonetheless.

mr durand pierre3020d ago

He was the real #11. Super Joe was going to be on there no matter what.

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The story is too old to be commented.