CN: Battlefield 1943 Reviewed

With a reduced price tag and a more basic version of the Battlefield gamers have grown to know and love, is Battlefield 1943 still a war worth fighting?

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Yi-Long3419d ago

... it was pretty damn fun, as I expected it to be.

Sadly though, I haven't been able to connect to the EA servers a single time on the 360, and on the PS3, like I said, I've only been able to play 1-2 games and then got the message that my trial had ran out and I should buy the complete game(!) Yeah.

Don't get me wrong, I'll definately buy the game, but only once they have fixed the connection problems.

Why such a very limited trial!?

mrv3213419d ago

It's like crack, even a little bit will get you hooked just a matter of time, Just you wait it'll attack your dreams, you'll see. Soon it'll grasp your heart and squeeze you'll struggle to breath as you'll loose all control, COD will become grey to the eyes as your seek something more you'll seek the skies. Now join me in the war the war for a great game and let those rip-off's of COD die. JOIN ME FOR TONIGHT WE SHALL FIGHT.

Isis063419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I so wanted to disagree but I feel it might upset the addicts...
I'm in denial, like most junkys. +300.h Warhawk, poof, where did Time go?

Nice speech, or what ever that was.

mrv3213419d ago

I put 16 days into COD 4 online and another day offline... beat that!

I've played 1942 for rough;y ten hours so far. I bought it yesterday.

tehk1w13419d ago

Yeah, I love EA, but they really piss me off sometimes.