Dante's Inferno Frame by Frame Analysis

A video analysis of the latest gameplay trailer for Dante's Inferno.

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condorstrike3442d ago

In my eyes this game will be better than GOW3, I know GOW has lots of fans, but you can't deny how awesome this game looks, and how detailed and fluid all those stages are + the bosses.

can't wait.

WildArmed3442d ago

lol dont bring a game up that isnt needed.
This game can be great w/o it being as great as GoW.

Bottom Line:
GoW3 = mindblowing
Dante's inferno = mindblowing

Great for Ps3 owners.
I'm glad my 360 will get some action loving too.
since NGII the action genre has been empty.
AAA titles can co-exist. No point in making 1 AAA seem crappier then the other.

for that we'd have a AAAA class.. but we dont -.-

condorstrike3442d ago

never said none of that, i'm just saying that the art-style and details from this game are more to my liking than that of GOW,

"an opinion not a bash."