(Adult) Content In Games - Good or Bad? "Bioware this week had to defend their use of sexual content in Mass Effect and the upcoming Dragon's Age. But why is that? I mean looking at films there really is lots of sexual and violence content in them but nothing it's really complained about too much. Games have to go through the same kind of certification process as films so therefore you would think that the certificate is correct. Yes, it could be argued that it is easier for people who are underage to get their hands on the older aged grouped games than it is to see a film. But on the flipside of that games shops seem to be doing more to stop younger audiences view content that isn't for their age group."

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shocky163392d ago

I'm 18 and the last thing I want is playing games that were designed for kids, I don't play games with adult content such as games revolved around sex but when fox news overreacted with the Mass Effect sex scene it was pathetic.