1UP: Dragon Quest IX Impressions and Videos

The wait is finally over: Dragon Quest IX , first announced way back in 2006 (for release in 2007 -- hah!) is here. 1UP managed to snag a copy of the highly anticipated DS RPG a day before its official release in Japan (on a Saturday, of course, so no kids skip school to buy it) -- and here are their early impressions from the first few hours.

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SpoonyRedMage3419d ago

Awesome! Game looks great, bit of an improvement over Joker.

One save slot is a pity but we'll get over it, Joker only has one save slot as well.

TheColbertinator3419d ago

1up is lucky to get an early copy.Damn it I'm hungry for Dragon Quest

blammo173419d ago

Looks sooooooo good. Wonder how long til a us release?