Top 5 Phobias In Games

Ever wonder why games tend to follow the same pattern? Kyle explains it all with the Top 5 phobias in games.

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dericb113442d ago

Comment on the last Phobia. I am black and if more games and anime had people of color then RE5 would not be racist. 80% of the world are people of color. Yet 8% of games have them. With systems costing so much and more people around the world gaming they really need to vary the types of people in them.

Myst3442d ago

There are a few animes that do have varying shades of skin color in them, but they are often over-looked and such. Most try to put them as Asian majority of the time. I know one anime/manga Tenjou Tenge has a black character I think he does Capoiera, and then there is Yorouichi from Bleach(though I believe she may be Indian?). I think it was more along the lines of unable to draw them in the past (I.e. Mr.Popo) which made it so there weren't as many of them in the past, but now their are starting to feature a few more. Another example I would give, but may be a spoiler is a few characters from Naruto.

Being that it was harder to get them into a stand-point character wise into a game they may have just omitted or slightly pushed it under the rug. I mean if people can find one gripe about a game they will, look at how much attention fat princess got from women and then look at the controversy other games got as well. Either they were to skinny, to brawny, or just not enough. At least that's my theory as to why, but they seem to be stepping it up in a sense. But would have been better if I got Elena in Street Fighter IV Capoiera I miss thee :(

Oh also I'm black as well, or at least a light brown complexion of it.

housegroove763442d ago

were those huge a$$ Imageshack Anti-sec PSA's supposed to be in there or did that site get hacked?

reddevilyi3441d ago

It's fine now, Imageshack was hacked by those Anti-sec guys and it replaced every image hosted by them with that crap.