iSamurai Gets Peer-To-Peer Bluetooth Support

iSamurai, the game that allows you to wield your iPhone or iPod touch as you would a sword, has received a free update that allows you to duel with a friend over Bluetooth.

iSamurai features single-player and two-player gameplay. In single-player mode, you can take on four different computer controlled opponents with multiple difficulty options. The game really shines, however, when you take on a friend in two-player mode. iSamurai allows you to duel with a friend over a local Wi-Fi connection, and now it also allows you to play over a Bluetooth connection. This is a welcome addition considering that the game requires you to flail your arms about, which can be a bit nerve-wracking when done inside of a house. With peer-to-peer Bluetooth support, you will now be able to take on an opponent at any place at any time.

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