What's Wrong With BioShock 2?


"With word coming today that BioShock 2 now has four different development houses (2K Marin, 2K Australia, Digital Extremes, Arkane Studios) working on the title, the question must be asked: What's wrong with BioShock 2?"

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GiantEnemyCrab3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

2 big differences.

Now they are shoe-horning in multiplayer so they are rushing and doing whatever they can just to get the game done. So you get your MP but the entire game suffers for it. ugh.

Also the PS3 was not involved when the first Bioshock released and now it is. We know what kind of problems the PS3 can cause developers and we know how Bioshock ran on the PS3 with missing textures and the like.

What a shame that in an attempt to wh0re this great game out they are just putting a bullet in its head.

I am trying to stay optimistic since I loved the first one but lots of red flags at the moment for this sequel.

SpoonyRedMage3448d ago

Dude, you're going to get ripped apart for even suggesting that the PS3 is a detriment to the development of a game.

Rhezin3448d ago

you started out great with your first paragraph then you f!cked it up when you had to involve your [email protected] love with M$, SO PLEASE MORON GET A F!CFKING LIFE. I mean that literally...get out of your basement and get some sunlight.

Solans Scott3448d ago

Was one of the best experiences I have ever had on a console in terms of its unique narrative, art style and gameplay (even though it didn't innovate the first person genre)I can only hope that Bioshock 2 maintains the standards set by the first game. I have no idea whether this will happen or not but I'm hoping.

free2game3653448d ago

First game sucked, so I couldn't care less about a sequel. Bioshock is an example of what's wrong with games today. All the developer had done was hype "innovation" and "something you've never played before". When all that was done was a copy+paste job of System Shock 2. Right down the same plot twists, but with dumbed down gameplay.

dannyhinote_133448d ago


If BioShock is what's wrong with games today, I don't know what's right.

Jaces3448d ago

The fact that they added multiplayer is whats wrong.

RockmanII73448d ago

I'm really tninking about getting this game

dannyhinote_133448d ago

A late game can still be great...a bad game released on time is still bad.

Gamer_Politics3448d ago

i'm not even buying Bioshock 2 it wont feel the same since the original team is long gone..

free2game3653448d ago

No, it's likely to feel exactly the same as the first one, that's the problem.

dannyhinote_133448d ago

Not exactly true.
2K Marin is composed of a lot of the 2K Boston guys and gals that worked on the game.

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