Forza 2 Launch Date Delayed

Microsoft just announced via press release, that Forza 2 has been slightly pushed back to a May 29th release date.

"Finally, we wanted to confirm the game's revised launch date of May 29. The team is using the extra time to further play test and polish the game to ensure it crosses the finish line at retail as the best racing simulator ever made."

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Gamer133962d ago

Rather they get it done than rush it to release, lets see how well they will pull it off.

"Remember" its MS number 1 racer so they will get it right i hope so.

IM OUT...///"""

MoonDust3962d ago

Must be some last minute touch ups.

predator3962d ago

suppose if they want a few extra days to polish and test it, it will be better for us

calderra3962d ago

Sounds almost like they found something in testing and plan on working it out. Excellent.

Marriot VP3962d ago

Is the 29th for the U.S.??

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The story is too old to be commented.