Gamers "are in for a real treat" with new High Voltage project

Rumors began to appear last night that High Voltage is developing two unannounced titles. While it remains to be seen if the speculation was valid, signs are pointing to the fact that the company is indeed working on at least one project.

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knox3359d ago

i hope so, im already interested in the grinder, wonder what else they got planned

qface643359d ago

i love HVS for what they are doing with the wii

but come on now slow down and take your time with the games you currently have on your plate

they could do even greater things if they focused on just 1 thing

shocky163359d ago

Eurogamer - 5/10

No thanks HVS you've already proven your mediocreness.

MegaPowa3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I love it how you only found the bad reviews when the score averages around 8

Myst3359d ago

Compared to what we have been given on the Wii with small gems only being seen here and there every few months I'd say this isn't mediocre and I've tested some of it. It's not that bad and for a Wii game it's rather enjoyable. Also comparing it to other games on the bigger systems isn't much it would be best to compare it to other games that are already on said system.

Besides I agree with MegaPowa there were faaar more reviews for the conduit even some I approved for stories here I think..

heroicjanitor3359d ago

I think he was being sarcastic, insulting edge and eurogamer rather than hvs

shocky163359d ago

Eh, maybe I am being too harsh on HVS. At least the online modes were decent.

Roddur3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

u listen and obey everything ur parents tell u to do.

BWS19823359d ago

are the 2 most useless pieces of craptastic banter on the web, so their "opinions" mean nothing to me, and I'd suspect a lot of other gamers as well. High Voltage is trying to do something unique, they should be revered simply for the effort if not for the fun games as well...

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swiftshot933359d ago

I'd rather wait for 3-4 years to play Rero Studios' next game then play all of HVS' games today.

heroicjanitor3359d ago

I like studios who try to push a system to it's limits, it's just that they tried to put it on the wrong system. That type of game has always been on playstation, and more recently xbox. They succeeded too I think, just most people won't appreciate it because they have played more technically excellent shooters on the ps3/pc/360 so this is juat a ps2 shooter now

Seferoth753359d ago

FPS existed before the PS brand even started... Aad only big on PS? Are you serious? They are known to be PC games.The first big console FPS was Golden Eye. After that it was Halo. Nothing on PS even comes close to Halo in terms of recognition. Hell even Killzone couldnt touch Halo sales. If the game was all that people would be buying the PS3 for it.

Seferoth753359d ago

I love how its the same trolls that havent even touched the game coming to put it down.. Gotta love N4G and its ability to attract the worst.

AS an actual Wii owner and a gamer I look forward to their next project.I really enjoyed the game and a couple of obviously bias reviews are not going to change that.

Pulling up Metacritic is like pulling out your gold medal from the Special Olympics.