Buy Dragon Age: Origins, get Mass Effect 2 bonus content?

According to an alleged fan survey, BioWare and Electronic Arts are considering using in-game Mass Effect 2 bonuses to encourage the purchase of its other big RPG, Dragon Age: Origins. The survey asks players what kind of incentives would make them most likely to purchage Dragon Age, and gives a selection of examples.

Suggestions for bonus content include a $5 rebate on Mass Effect 2, exclusive weaponry, custom skins, a brand new character and a playable demo. It's not often that the purchase of one game could affect the gameplay content of a completely separate title, but if this glimpse into BioWare's mind leads to a real marketing stunt, then it's something gamers are about to see.

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Gamer_Politics3442d ago

i cant see my self buying Dragon Age the combats seems turn basedd thought would be hack&slash..

RememberThe3573442d ago

It just slower. It's like Baldurs Gate or Untold Legends. This game is what BioWare is known for making. Mass Effect was actually kind of a new direction for them.

Gamer_Politics3442d ago

are you sure its hack&slash?could of swore i seen some gameplay where someone had to choose his attacks from some list..

RememberThe3573442d ago

I'm not sure at all.

I'm guessing as much as you are.

shocky163442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Now it's a omgwtfbbq day one buy. Wonder what bonus content they will give PS3 owners, maybe a home costume? >_>


We'll be getting the same as you, Mass Effect 2 content ;)

shocky163442d ago

We never know with EA as they aren't really a company focused on exclusive games so maybe it will get announced? ;)

Oh well, in the mean time enjoy the exclusive Home costumes. :)


But i really do want Mass Effect 2! :(

Toenado3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Both are a day 1 purchase for me, so 5bucks off or free dlc is a welcome bonus.

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zok3103442d ago

So does that mean PS3 gets ME2 also?????

RememberThe3573442d ago

Another clue! Mass Effect is come to the PS3! Everyone freakin out!

shocky163442d ago

IMO it's one of the best games this gen so you guys should love it! (I hope ;P)


Have a bubble Shocky, why can't everybody be mature?

Jack Klugman3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

omg omg omg omg mass effect on ps3 confirmed...

survey says...

oh yeah... its just a "alleged" fan survey..

heres some straws go grasp them. youre just going to be buying the "superior" pc version anyway. or is that not the flavor of the month now?

boxedup3442d ago

And when it come to Mass Effect, the previous DLC does not inspire me.

Don't get me wrong, Dragon Age: Origins is the number one game on my personal want list for the rest of 2009 - but I just don't think bonus DLC for Mass Effect is likely to be worth much.

I do understand the desire to do something though. Dragon Age has barely registered a blip on the hype meter.

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