RIP Midway Games 1958-2009 (In Name Only)

TRMK writes: "We're got confirmation this morning that the name Midway Games is no more after today. The company will drop it's almost fifty year old name, and continue operations under a Warner Bros. moniker effective Monday July 13th, 2009. It is likely they will be operating now under the Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment moniker, but I haven't heard that officially yet. Development of Mortal Kombat 9 should be unchanged but will just continue under the new company name. I'd also expect to see re-releases of any of intellectual property purchased by Warner Brothers earlier this month without the Midway name attached to it."

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Elven63361d ago

Stupid move, the Midway name is more recognized than the Warner name in gaming.

RIP Midway Games 1958-2009, I wish those that lost their jobs today and will in the future the best of luck.

Sarcasm3361d ago

Wait, did it say they lost their jobs too? I thought they were just changing their name under Warner Bro's Interactive?

FantasyStar3361d ago

According to the article. There's no record of any layoffs or anything. The only thing anyone needs to know is that Midway was bought out by Warner Bros. The exact same way Eidos was bought out by Square-Enix. The only difference is that Eidos keeps it's development name. But the Midway Games name is entirely eradicated and the team is absorbed into the umbrella. Again, I see no records of any layoffs.

Elven63361d ago

I believe it was on Kotaku where it said the Newcastle deadline to find a buyer was up around the same time this deal closes.

Number 93361d ago

The company will drop it's almost fifty year old name. Almost 50 year old name? Good maths.

PirateThom3361d ago

Yeah, Midway are actually over 50 years old.

Elven63361d ago

Although they were called Midway Mfg before, Midway Games officially recognizes themselves has a company with "over 50 years" of history or something along those lines.

By the end of today the Midway name will be no more and this legacy will cease to exist. This is also significant because Midway was one of the if not the last true classic American gaming companies.

ThatArtGuy3361d ago

Just adds insult to injury knowing that Midway had the Atari Games (the arcade division) catalog.

Jockamo3361d ago

This could be beautiful.

Evil Rant Monkey3361d ago

that's awesome!

bubble for you

DuneBuggy3361d ago

I played alot of good Bally/Midway Pinball machines, but they dropped out of the pinball biz years ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.