GRID Now 50% Cheaper

Codemasters' GRID is this weekend's deal at digital game store Steam. From now until Sunday, the racing game will cost you only $14.99 instead of the regular $30.

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Dsnyder3444d ago

This game is really old. Does anyone still care about it?

TheIneffableBob3444d ago

It released in 2008. How is that old?

Dsnyder3444d ago

Seemed older to me. Nevermind.

Pandamobile3444d ago

1. It's not old.

2. It's a great game.

likedamaster3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Of course, one of the best racers this gen. How dare you. Hate fanboys not the game.

On topic/
I already have the pc version, waiting on the 360 version's price to drop. If it doesn't drop sooner than Oct. I won't be getting it.(Forza 3)

EvilCackle3443d ago

A summer price drop would be good timing. Once the new GT and Forza are out, this game's going to be forgotten.

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truehunter3444d ago

what about the ps3 version.... i want to see that kinda low price..... crap.

HarukoHex3443d ago

its like 24. or 26. right now isn't it on consoles *looks over* yea my version is only 26.99 used so like 24/25 with my gamestop card.

ikral3444d ago

You Americans have cheap consoles, cheap games and steel complaining. Buy a Grid, i am playing it right now and its great. Here in Cro you can find USED one for 20 bucks.