First battle of Final Fantasy

Valay from Nintendo Everything: We posted the debut video of Final Fantasy Gaiden earlier today, but here's a first look at the battle system.

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SpoonyRedMage2964d ago

Aww sweet, classic FF battles. Can't wait for this game now. I wish the SE games on the home consoles were as good as the portable ones.:(

Bnet3432964d ago

Looks like the FF remakes on DS to me. I'll check it out.

locos852964d ago

Game looks sweet, hopefully it lives up to old FF games.

Reibooi2964d ago

This is now a day 1 for me. Looks great and classic battle system will just make that much more fun to play. Can't wait.

knox2964d ago

after seeing this and the other video i can safely say that I WANT THIS GAME

Kamikaze1352964d ago

I REALLY can't wait till this is released =D

Sangria2964d ago

It was very short but now my interest is hot, i only hope it will release soon.

Briyen2964d ago

why does their spells look like dragon quest?

with teh circles before something is cast

any one else notice that?