GameSpot: Fossil Fighters First Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Fossil Fighters doesn't feel like a traditional RPG at times, because you're not forced to continuously go into random battles with fellow fossil fighters. You still want to level your creatures, but you're usually given the opportunity to decline when faced with an opponent. If you don't want to proceed with the story, you can spend your time perfecting your fossil-cleaning skills, but if you don't progress, you won't get access to more dig sites, which yield new fossils. Other than the gameplay, we also liked the charming atmosphere of the game, and the awkwardly animated polygon characters are amusing. This could be a great game for kids (or the kid in you) who like dinosaurs and collecting. In the main menu there is the option to play with another person, but we weren't able to test out how this multiplayer option will work. Keep an eye out for Fossil Fighters, because the fossil hunting begins on August 10".

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