Forza 3 Will Deliver Nearly Limitless Multiplayer Variety Online

More than anything, Forza Motorsport 3's greatest challenge is perhaps its greatest strength.

As racing franchises continue down a diminishing road of more, with detailed engine tuning, real world physics, realistic damage modeling and road wear, they often leave all but the most devoted fans of their games and autophiles in the dust.

But not increasing the realism, not giving what car fanatics need to get the full experience of driving and driving fast, often leads to bland diversions stripped of any right to be considered a simulation.

With Forza 3, developers Turn 10 Studios hope to make something for everyone. Instead of trying to blend the best of both worlds, the game makers have added so many options, so many helping hands that a gamer can create their own experience.

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Xi3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I like the gametype they created, it's almost like CTF in racing. Except the flag is a car and at the same time you need to protect your car. I wonder if you include full damage whether you can attempt to demolish the opposing car before he reaches the finish line.

I wonder if togue and other game-mods will be available aswell.

also, 10 new screenshots released

maxcer3392d ago

this seems to be a really cool feature, but its not really a gametype its more of a way to customize races. with so many parameters to choose from the possibilities are skyhigh. the cat&mouse idea sounds like a blast. my hype for this game has just doubled... i can't wait.

Dareaver13391d ago

it was totally awesome, but the only thing that sucked was that sometimes the cat's would end up winning the race, and that kinda defeated the purpose. But with Forza 3, you can set all the parameters to have a true cat and mouse game. It's going to be awesome.

I can't wait for this game to come out.

dizlaoboi9163390d ago

if u change these types of options in racing, its not online for all live users to play right? its just locally on ur xbox?