Ben Heck makes the PS3 piss itself

Video found at THELASTBOSS website:

Quoted from the website:

"We've already established that Ben Heckendorn is a Gizmo Gamer God: he's created a handheld Atari, an even better handheld Atari, a one handed 360 controller, a Wii Laptop, and now a revamped version of his 360 laptop as well. I don't really like posting Ben Heck's projects, it's no fun admitting that another human is so much more advanced than you are at certain aspects of life, so I was going to refuse to post his new laptop pictures. And then he goes and makes a video of the PS3 pissing itself upon witnessing his creation and I can't resist sharing. As usual, he's also generously planning on making a three part "do it yourself" series that teaches us how to make our own Xbox 360 laptops. That way we never have to give serious thought to buying ridiculous console LCD screens."

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CyberSentinel4255d ago

Ben Heckendorn is a Gizmo Gamer God - nuff said.

ASSASSYN 36o4255d ago

Looks like the ps3 needs to watch it`s water intake. That urine was dark yellow.

grunt3604255d ago

A good slap to the PS3 fanboys' face.

vidoardes4255d ago

That was about as funny as watching paint dry. The guys a gizmo genius, but he should leave the comedy to someone else

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The story is too old to be commented.