Five PS3 Exclusives To Die For

The PS3 has a deep lineup of exclusives to come this year and next. But amongst all the exclusives, Terminal Gamer takes a look at which games are the most exciting, innovative, and just plain amazing looking.

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TerminalGamer3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

no means a comprehensive list of all the great titles coming out for the PS3, but it is a list of Terminal Gamer's most anticipated. Look for a 360 version soon!

FamilyGuy3329d ago

This is posted in the PS3 section anyways. (not that no multi-console owners read this but still)

One strange thing I just noticed is that i can be perfectly fine gaming on my PS3 without having any strong desires for 360 exclusive (im not a shooter fan and thats a huge part of it's allure) but on the other hand there are lots of PS3 exclusive that are "the only reason i bought a PS3" for people who like the 360 more.

4pocalyps33328d ago

i think hes saying that because he will know that there will be fanboys in the comments section bashing on this ps3 games and think that the website is pro-sony, mainly because they have released this article complimenting on sony games.....

RememberThe3573328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

If you die you wont be able to play the gmaes. Are you saying we'd die afterwords. 'Cause then I'd just play it to the last boss then just watch the ending on youtube. Problem solved.

Nelson M3329d ago

There are Plenty More were They Came From

Never Mind BoTs !!!
At Least You Got Netflix to watch

keysy4203329d ago

without a price cut you cant ignore just those 5 alone

keysy4203329d ago

who cares about netflix?
blu...ray.... lol

3329d ago
ColossiSlayer3329d ago

Pick up Heavenly Sword and make a sequel.
I'd die for that & PS3 Jet Moto....

Christopher3329d ago

As long as the new Heavenly Sword doesn't over-use the sixaxis controls, I'm on board. I really hated the implementation of sixaxis in that game, though.

spectyre3329d ago

I have never heard of anyone not liking the motion control in HS. I would have to say it is the best implementation out there.

Christopher3328d ago

Well, first time for everything then. I dislike most implementations of sixaxis in general, serving mostly as gimmicks rather than improving gameplay, IMHO. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should.

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The story is too old to be commented.