Funcom: We've turned Age of Conan around

Funcom's CEO Trond Arne Aas has told that the company has turned around the fortunes of its MMO Age of Conan, after a rocky first year.

Early adopters are returning to the game and server activity is increasing, following a series of technical and design improvements implemented by the developer aimed at fixing bugs and creating a better player experience.

"The problems for Age of Conan arose after the game had been live for a period of time, as players progressed into parts of the game where content turned out to be too thin and advanced features simply weren't good enough," admitted the CEO. "There were also performance issues on some machines, and the items and RPG system – even though it worked exactly as we designed it – did not engage players for as long as we had hoped for."

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ArmrdChaos3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Does that mean they fixed the BS single player endgame so that you can finish it with something other than a guardian class? I mean come least create save points after each or every other tablet. Having to go ALL THE WAY back to the beginning after dying was major BS.

I know there was an epic item to be had but after playing the game multiple months to get to that point...consider that item bought in my eyes. That is one of the main reasons why I quit playing.

Christopher3392d ago

No clue if they fixed your isse, but I started up a Bear Shaman anew after months of being away from the game and they definitely have improved the initial part of the game. Hope they've improved it a lot at 20+, though.